Infographic: 7 ways a digital ecosystem can grow your business

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Without question, no company can innovate in a silo in today’s digital economy. As our CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire has said, “Business as usual simply won’t work in the Industry 4.0 economy. The hyper-connected world is too fast. We need a new approach — one that promises speed, agility, and the ability to see and address customer problems in a better way.”

Collaborative networks are the connective link for companies trying to extend their value chain in an asymmetrical marketplace where one-to-one relationships and transactions are no longer enough to compete. There is power in scanning the periphery of digital disruption and cultivating multiple perspectives to address energy and process efficiency problems through not just a new lens but actually a number of lenses (data, software, services).

Digital ecosystems such as Schneider Electric Exchange enable this visibility, empowering new ways to create, collaborate, and scale solutions to solve pressing efficiency, productivity, and sustainability challenges. Take a look at 7 ways digital ecosystems can grow your business in the fast-paced, disruptive digital economy.



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