Secure Electrical Systems with Surge Protection Devices

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With the wide acceptance of electrical system in all the offices and industries, it is evident that the power running through voltage lines are tremendous. The operation of high voltage devices like refrigerators, elevators or any heavy machinery may require a sudden or massive flow of electricity, thus causing fluctuation in the current and can majorly affect an industrial plant. The bad voltage can be a significant cause of damage to devices in the network. Therefore, it becomes essential to install surge protection devices.

Energy management system ensures that the interconnected machinery works efficiently and lasts longer. To avoid damages due to electric surges, surge protectors are installed to counter high voltages. The device comes into play when the current in the circuit is fluctuating, at a value that is higher than the expected value.

The surge protector provides a low-impedance path to ground for the current from a lightning strike or transient voltage and then restores to normal operating conditions. These arresters are designed in a way that the capacity or magnitude of the arrestor varies as the current in the circuit changes. The amplitude of the varying current can be as high as some ten thousand volts or go down to a few millivolts too. The primary role of the device is to ensure that only safe or permitted amount of electricity passes through the device.

Schneider Electric India comes with a series of surge protection devices. These devices can be installed in the system to ensure protection from over or under voltage. It can be brought into application by either installing a plug-in or a point-of-use electrical surge protector. The device can be plugged into a grounded electrical outlet or can be directly connected into the appliance.  Surge arresters can be fitted for the following reasons:

  • Protecting AC and DC traction systems
  • Power proofing series capacitor banks
  • Protection of cables and network units
  • Guarding the transmission lines
  • Installation in polluted areas and areas with high seismic activities

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