Harnessing Hidden Revenue from Energy Spend

Enterprises the world over today are on the lookout for ways to reduce energy expenditure and at the same time for solutions to enable energy efficiency, monetary savings and operational excellence so as to maximize overall performance of their facilities.

As such, the major challenges facing enterprises include:

  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Lower utility bills
  • Improve facility performance

Further, the above context gets compounded as energy management becomes more complex with:

  • Rising commodity prices
  • Changing regulations
  • New consumer demands, climate changes etc.
  • Stakeholder pressure for financial stewardship and environmental sustainability

Finally, the matter gets worse when the aforesaid challenges and external factors are read in the light of internal forces at variance, such as:

  • Strained budgets and rising operational costs
  • Aging facilities and outdated systems and technology
  • Need to educate and change behaviors impacting environment and bottom line

Therefore, the issue at stake is all about managing an organization’s single largest controllable expense – Energy.

Schneider Electric’s Innovation At Every Level approach and expertise lie in finding hidden revenue in an operating budget – the energy spend itself.

Basically, each energy dollar saved through conservation is a dollar that can be used to:

  • Enable capital improvements and initiatives
  • Minimize overall debt impact
  • Capture opportunities for operational and infrastructure efficiency

For instance, such latent revenue can be put to work by implementing efficient lighting, energy management systems, HVAC systems, water fixtures, boilers, chillers, cooling towers, and a lot more.

In this connection, Schneider Electric provides comprehensive, budget-neutral ways to reduce energy expenses and achieve better overall performance from organizational facilities:

  • Improved facilities
  • Reduced energy use and costs
  • Increased energy and water efficiency

From Smart Cities to energy efficient Water and Wastewater Facilities to Campus Upgrades, Schneider Electric provides enterprises tools and training to design, manage and sustain enterprise operations in a way that contributes to their core mission.

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