Transforming industry with digital services: A collaborative industrial IoT approach

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Digital transformation is a key focal point for today’s industry. It’s about companies connecting their existing devices and implementing new, scalable platforms to drive maximum value from their efforts.

But, to accomplish true digital transformation, you need to do more than connect devices through the Internet of Things (IoT). You need to develop a seamless ecosystem of humans and machines, performing optimized, end-to-end processes.

And you’ll need to be able to turn connectivity into true business value, by understanding the information that connected operations provide, and by being able to act on this information efficiently and effectively.

Digital transformation benefits for your business

As you know, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers huge potential for financial gain. By streamlining processes and gaining end-to-end operational efficiency, your people will work smarter and safer, minimizing both risk and wasted effort. In the end, all levels of your operations will benefit from the connectivity and cybersecurity offered through the IIoT.

We’ve designed EcoStruxure™ – our IoT-enabled architecture and solution portfolio – to deliver on this potential, built upon three pillars:

  1. Empowered operators receive the information they need, in real time, to ensure decisions are both timely and accurate, eliminating potential problems before they happen.
  2. Optimized assets, such as smart sensors and the data they produce, will continue this flow of information, delivering on the longstanding goal of true predictive maintenance.
  3. Smart control offers a bridge between operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT), for enhanced process performance, and data that benefits all facets of decision making for your business.

EcoStruxure™ has delivered these innovations across the value chain, through flexible architectures that are applicable for a wide range of businesses. We’re optimizing machines and processes, enabling digital transformation through open, agnostic frameworks, which are easily applied to any ecosystem.

Now we want to bring this to your business faster. Perhaps by as much as 80%.

Better innovation through partnership

Our alliance with Accenture, a leading global professional services company, has allowed us to bolster the ongoing delivery of EcoStruxure™-powered solutions and services, and to significantly decrease the time it takes to do so.

The fruits of this labor were borne from the Accenture-driven digital factory model, which evolved for our needs into the Schneider Electric Digital Services Factory. With Accenture, we created this virtual “facility” to accelerate Schneider’s digital service innovation cycle.

An ambitious goal, to be sure. But one that is entirely possible through this partnership, and the digital factory approach.

With Accenture’s input, we can digitize our businesses through analytics, design thinking, rapid service prototyping, and iteration, and bring services to market much faster than before. It will also allow for rapid scaling of specific services to ensure usability for a wide range of customers.

Together, our integrated teams build intuitive and intelligent offers with analytic capabilities that allow for new levels of efficiency. They deliver contextual information for our customers to anticipate their needs before they know them. This is a fully fleshed-out approach, from new idea development and testing, to delivery and deployment, to monitoring of post-launch analytics. Done in a fraction of the time typical for this level of targeted service.

The promise of EcoStruxure™ has always been to deliver an IIoT platform that simplifies connectivity by supporting open industry standards, with an open development platform for an extensive ecosystem of partners.

Our collaboration with Accenture continues that promise … and allows us to better deliver innovation at every level – at a much more accelerated pace.

To learn more about our alliance with Accenture, please read the press announcement.

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