Finally, a Huge Timesaver for Electrical Contractors

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If you’re like most contractors, time is one of your most precious commodities. No matter how organized or productive you are, there’s always more to be done than time permits, so you simply can’t afford inefficiency.

That’s especially true when it comes to managing the information side of your business, doing the important but time-consuming things like learning about new codes and standards, keeping abreast of new products and promotional offers, or getting answers to any number of questions about equipment, services, and more.

Sure, your electrical distributor or sales rep is a great resource, but sometimes – actually, most of the time nowadays – you need answers fast and your usual point of contact may not be immediately available. That’s when online information can save the day.

But the fact is that regardless of what you’re looking for and how important it is, search engines can burn up a lot of your precious time. How helpful is it, really, when you Google “arc flash ppe” and get more than 200,000 results? That still leaves you with a lot of hunting and pecking to do.

What you really need are answers, and that’s why we put together a web portal specifically to meet the informational needs of today’s electrical contractors. This easy-to-navigate online resource provides reliable answers 24/7 to all of your most pressing questions about:

  • Safety
  • Labor concerns
  • Productivity
  • Revenue generation
  • Product support
  • And more

In addition to coming from a source you can trust, the resources offered here are available in a variety of formats depending on the information.

  • Chat live online with experienced professionals for expert answers to your product selection, installation, and troubleshooting questions.
  • Watch training videos or register for webinars covering both technical and business topics.
  • Gather product information using our online catalog, our expansive technical library, and other publications.
  • Learn about the installation and follow up services available through Schneider Electric, including referrals to examples and links.

In addition, the contractor portal is your convenient access point to tap into our wealth of in-depth knowledge covering every aspect of electrical distribution and control systems and equipment, including industry best practices.

For example, Schneider Electric has a whole engineering group dedicated to arc flash that services the various needs in this area. You can get in touch with them and download their printed information via the contractor portal.

Safety is a subject we get lots of inquiries about, especially personal protective equipment. The contractor portal is a great source of information on this topic, including written material but also webcasts. For example, you may have missed the live webcast “Best Practices for Protecting your Employees at Customer Worksites” earlier this year but it’s available on-demand (and free) via the contractor portal. This information packed one-hour session explains how NFPA 70E works together with OSHA requirements. It also includes a discussion about how to select PPE and much more.

Register today on our Electrical Contractor web portal – it’s free – and join more than 5,000 of your professional colleagues for instant access to knowledgeable professionals, via live chat or email, and a repository of valuable information.

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