Tailoring the Supply Chain to Respond to Customer Needs

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A supply chain serving an extremely diverse customer base and agile enough to meet customer requirements are the reasons why Schneider Electric jumped 16 places to No. 18 on Gartner’s Supply Chain Top 25 for 2016—the first time in our history to be on the list.

Our goal at Schneider Electric is to always ensure that our large base of global customers experience the benefits of our tailored supply chain approach centered on their buying behaviors. From panel builders and system integrators to distributors and retailers, among other customer types, their needs are different.


To accommodate our customer’s needs and preferences, we adapted our capabilities and developed multiple supply chains—each with specific value propositions—to serve the customer better:

  • Collaborative: A supply chain for customers who value reliability and trustworthiness;
  • Lean: A supply chain for customers who are price sensitive and who want efficiency and reliability;
  • Agile: A supply chain for customers who are unpredictable and expect speed;
  • Project: A supply chain for customers who typically have big projects with longer time horizons;
  • Fully Flexible: A supply chain that will be deployed in crises environments where speed and innovation are a premium.

The transformation of our supply chain has evolved to where we’re at today and we believe Gartner’s Top 25 ranking confirms our position in the market and our commitment to providing customers with best-in-class supply chain services that meet their unique challenges. Being recognized by Gartner has been outstanding recognition for our company, our Life Is On brand, and our employees who are dedicated to excellence and delivering on the promise made to our customers. For more information read the press release.


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