Preventive maintenance: longer life for your electrical distribution equipment at optimal costs

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Electrical distribution equipment lies at the heart of every modern business, powering the machines and systems responsible for key processes. Vital equipment, such as circuit breakers, protection relays, or transformers, is also responsible for the safety and protection of people and equipment. When they fail unexpectedly, the risk of unsafe situations arises.

Implementing an effective maintenance strategy for your electrical distribution installation is therefore crucial. But there are choices to be made.

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Prevention is better than cure

Attitudes toward equipment maintenance have evolved alongside industry. The simplest approach, called reactive maintenance, involves repairing equipment only when it breaks down. Such interventions often result in prolonged downtime and high costs.

As industry has matured, the idea of “prevention is better than cure” has seen the introduction of preventive maintenance, supporting regular equipment checks to reduce the probability of failure. This approach, combined with regular on-site diagnostics, called on-site condition maintenance, optimises your plant’s performance and keeps equipment reliable, productive, and safe at an optimal cost.

Reduced faults, increased efficiency

Preventive maintenance of electrical distribution equipment brings universal benefits to your business. On-site condition maintenance of each installation minimises the risk of unwanted events, increasing the safety of employees and protection of equipment. It also helps ensure the reliable performance of safety-connected devices, such as circuit breakers.

Regularly maintained equipment wastes less energy while running. Preventive maintenance of hardware allows it to function more efficiently by reducing wear and tear of the components. Also, the cost of the spare parts is reduced as the number of complex faults in crucial areas is limited.

By scheduling equipment downtime and mitigating the risk of emergency shutdown, preventive maintenance secures service continuity and helps optimise costs. As a result, the annual total cost of ownership (TCO) is lower, as the costs of both equipment acquisition (CapEx) and shutdown (OpEx) are significantly reduced.

Advanced tools for optimising performance

To provide maximum care to your electrical distribution equipment, preventive maintenance should be supported by on-site condition maintenance. Regular diagnostics make it possible to identify symptoms of an undetected malfunction or degradation in an installation before a fault happens. This lets you keep your equipment performance level as close to its optimum as possible.

Implementing diagnostic solutions provided by equipment manufacturers also lets you collect and manage reliable data across your ED installation thanks to:

  • Customised test kits and software for conducting inspection, testing, and analysis.
  • A technical database of historical equipment available for comparing original and current performance levels.
  • Expert field service representatives providing the best recommendations and instructions to prolong equipment life.
  • Experience in maintaining equipment in diverse extreme conditions.
    • Comprehensive information on equipment obsolescence and original spare parts availability to enable extensions, upgrades, and retrofit (i.e. ECOFIT™ by Schneider Electric).

With an advanced maintenance strategy, you get a complete picture of your electrical distribution equipment’s condition, diagnostic tools to accurately assess risk, and peace of mind that critical areas of your plant are constantly supervised.

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  • Great tips here! I definitely like the idea that prevention is better than a cure – it’s cheaper and ultimately better to keep an eye on your appliances throughout the year than to ignore them and have to fix things when they ultimately break. Thanks for sharing!

    • David Morte

      9 years ago

      Thanks a lot for your comment Jordan, you are totally right as “prevention is better than cure” always!
      Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more.


  • Thanks for sharing this advice on getting electrical maintenance done. I think it is awesome that you can spend less money on maintenance than on expensive repairs for electrical appliances. In fact, I think I should look into some maintenance for some of my electrical equipment around the house. If it will increase its efficiency, then I think the benefits outweigh the costs.

    • David Morte

      9 years ago

      Hi Delores, thanks for your comment. Preventive maintenance outweigths costs not only because of expensive urgent repairs
      but most specially when you can monetize the shutdown costs (personal time, individual stress, etc.) you can suffer.

  • anas nori

    9 years ago

    In developing countries preventive maintenance is so underestimated in government and private companies or plants , they think it is just wasting of resource and it will be better to wait for damage to happen and hope it will be minor damage ,so the awareness of preventive maintenance will take some time to be reality (At least in my country).
    thanks for sharing Electrical Distribution Maintenance Services Guide.

    • David Morte

      9 years ago

      Dear Anas, thanks for comments. I fully agree with your comment. In fact developing countries are much more concerned on growth and
      speed than on operational expenditures and profitability. This is a natural evolution, as soon as their growth smooths, they will necessarily prioritize on their competitiveness (maiximize uptime) and expenditures optimization and these can only be secured with preventive maintenance.

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