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Energy Enigma and Carbon Quagmire – Two Sides of the Same Coin?

According to International Energy Agency, the world consumed over 1500 Mtoe (Million tons of oil equivalent) of electricity in 2010 – out of which Industry used up almost 42%, Transport above 1% while Others like Agriculture, Commercial, Residential, Public Services etc. accounted for 57% – about two and a half times the global consumption 30 years back.

In the same breath, the world spewed more than 30000 Mt (million tons) of CO2, doubling over the same comparable period – coal being responsible for about 43%, oil for 36%, Natural Gas 20% and industrial waste, municipal waste etc. making up for rest of the degradation.

IEA estimates that “economically exploitable” global coal reserves throw up a projection of “some 150 years of production” at current level – more than 3 times as much energy as natural gas can supply us with, and 2.5 times of energy promised by oil.

The carbon footprint of coal is known to be higher than that of oil or natural gas. If we continue to burn coal at current levels, we’ll be releasing more carbon dioxide to an already carbon-laden atmosphere, more than it ever was, for as far back as we can look back in history.

So while the consumption (and consequently the production) graph keeps forking up, the carbon graph is tailgating, not far behind. We have successfully managed to imperil the life (sustaining) expectancy of earth.

So where are we getting to, as we gaze at the crystal ball? By 2030, the electricity demand will be double of what we consume today. CO2 emissions will billow up by mushrooming proportions – unless we can drastically cut them by half to avoid dramatic – and dreadful – climatic changes.

Can we tackle this challenge of having to handle twice the demand for energy at half the carbon emissions level – a dilemma 4 times doubly difficult?

Besides coal, natural gas and oil, we have no doubt harnessed other resources like nuclear, hydro, bio-fuels, solar, wind, tide, geothermal etc. But the big question remains: Are we making the most of our energy?

 The answer to that is based on the extent and effectiveness to which energy conserving, energy efficient and energy management solutions have been adopted across applications, whether it be in Industry, Energy & Infrastructure or Buildings.


We need to be SMART today if we want to be SECURE tomorrow. Smart Generation and Flexible Distribution linked through Demand Response with Efficient Homes and Efficient Enterprises will build the Smart Grid – and Smart Cities of the future.


Energy Management, sounding patently simple as it does, is a technology-enabled pool of Energy Efficiency solutions that have to be put in place and practice, sooner rather than later, at homes, offices, institutions, plants, utilities, industries, sites etc. – across economies and geographies – without exception.

The 21st century will be dominated by Smarter Solutions for an energy-hungry planet.


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  1. Luigi Antonio Pezone

    Colossal mistakes of the design world public, led to enormous waste of resources in a race to the energies, so-called, clean, of which the world would not need if the power plants were designed properly, recovering the waste heat and CO2 emissions to increase yields and produce minerals for the earth carbonates and the seas lakes and rivers. In a few words, they not include also purifying functions that existing treatment plants, by themselves, they will never reach for quantitative and qualitative performance. The energy produced in this way, will not be exceeded even by hydrogen, when it becomes a propellant. Nuclear power, if it were not dangerous, even absolve the protective function of the environment, as mentioned above. solar energy and wind energy absorb energy for construction and disposal and producing CO2; require materials that have limited availability on the planet. He was trained in the world, a strange concept of renewable energy, which is confusing to those not accustomed to seek the truth, the logic of science and technology neutral solutions, not conditioned by commercial and political choices and wrong techniques even earlier encouraged by governments. The protective energy, can also be achieved with the use of coal, but it will be more protective, if made only with organic products manufactured in vertical greenhouse, with full recovery of produced water, CO2, SOx, NOx and heat. It will be more of the renewable energies. Produce so much of that compost that will allow not only to fertilize the land, but even the fertilization of those dried up. The recycled water will not go to pollute the ground water, and those you downloaded the alkalinity will protect marine and lacustrine. We could reduce, do not leave unchanged the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Contrary to common thinking of demagogic environmentalists, modern society can not help but to industrialize the energy and environmental protection. But it must do so in a drawing and in synergy with other human activities. 11/19/2013 up my four patents in the field of energy in environmental protection are still Italian. After I do not know who will do it. I can not find words to convince our leadership that we Italians can say our proposals without chasing the others. The only solution that allows immediate heat recovery (without costs of a distribution multi mileage) and CO2 so good for the environment is what I propose. This results in the multiplication of returns and the protective capacity of the environment is not comparable with the systems now known. From some posts on LinkedIn I’m throwing a lifeline for our politicians and companies, who still pursue the policy of the CCS, which is advancing by inertia, despite the reduction in funds decreed by many countries, the lack of courage to admit their mistakes, especially by the IPCC scientists awarded the Nobel Prize in 2007. The C.C.S. reduces yields and hides the CO2 deep into the earth, recover the heat, does not return to earth salts and carbonates of the seas. it creates new fears. It is the opposite solution to the energy in environmental protection, not having such noble and titrated fathers is not believed. The promoters of CCS, if you really insist and they want to save face, they use it as a temporary solution. They must stop the capture of CO2 and should not bury him. CO2 captured should be spread in buildings greenhouse vertical (FSV) (limestone and photo-synthetic) proposed by the undersigned. These will be located along the banks of rivers and lakes and seas can purify and alkalize the water entering or stagnate in the same. At a later stage, the plants will be built the right size, close and connected to the FSV, together with chimneys flue gas purification and recovery (CRD)-digesters and composters dehydrators-linear (DDCL) (designed and patented by myself), most existing gas tanks, so that these plants synergistic, what I call the “global pool depurcogeproduzione termoelettica (DCPTCG) (also patented), will produce less power per unit area and volume occupied, but also large quantities of treated water and alkalized (up to ten times the flow rate of cooling water. For our choice, not impositions). We can produce large amounts of compost for agriculture and large amounts of methane, which can feed himself, or another facility, or the urban network. In these productions that existing power plants do not conceive, the DCPTCG can employ the existing waste heat and triple the overall performance, whereas also replace the current water purifiers, with performance that these alone can never achieve, by quantity and quality of treated water. You can not say that will also replace air purifiers, because the air has never been purified. The DCPTCG can also be operated as powerful desalination of sea water. I would not go overboard, arousing false hopes, but I think that if the man, one day, be able to have control on the nature and hunger, GMO-free, it will have the amount of FSV purification or food (or similar solutions) and that DCPTCG fail to install in the world. The logarithmic curve acidification global, it can not be stopped if it starts the second phase, almost vertical, which already we note with grave phenomena such as increased cyclone, slowing of ocean currents, the disappearance of coral reefs and the dissolution of the nevi. We can and must return to earth minerals and carbonates of the seas. We are fortunate to be able to do the same equipment that purify and produce energy. I would be grateful if you signal to me your observations. It would be a pleasure to find someone who also contradict me. Before you give up and seek foreign partners for my patent would like to be sure I did everything I could to remain Italian, but not just Italians. I think I’ve proven that we can make important inventions, without spending a euro if we try synergies. Instead of inventing new things not connected to each other, we learn to design global facilities. I write it for years in the network.

    • Eshwar Nurani-Parasuraman

      Hello Luigi Anotonio,

      Thanks for your observations. You’ve challenged CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage) technology and recommended your patented inventions for CO2 reduction and heat recovery. I hope energy & environment experts and thought leaders can take this debate forward.

      I do, however, agree with you we can make important inventions using synergies and “instead of inventing new things not connected to each other, we learn to design global facilities…”


  2. Lakshmi KP

    Nice post and a clear visibility on the future… Good post and thanks for sharing