How are hospitals celebrating Earth Day?

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CarbonFootprintHappy Earth Day!

As a kid, I remember celebrating Earth Day by planting trees and recycling. Today’s celebrations still include recycling and tree planting, but also include educational information and initiatives on additional ways we can make a positive impact on the planet.

For many hospitals, the concept of Earth Day is now a year-round initiative to reduce waste and develop more sustainable practices. For some, conservation has become a part of their DNA. And for good reason: In the US, hospitals are one of the largest consumers of energy, spending more than $8 billion a year on energy-related costs.

Here’s a look at how some U.S. hospitals are celebrating Earth Day.

Beaumont Health System: Beaumont’s aim is to save at least $1.3 million dollars a year through energy and water conservation. As part of that health system, The Royal Oak Hospital is showcasing environmentally-friendly transportation options, such as walking, biking, and carpooling, as well electric car demos.

University of Michigan Hospital: This earth conscious university has a goal to reduce greenhouse gasses 25% below their 2006 levels, while also decreasing the carbon footprint of university transportation. To support this goal, the university hospital is hosting an Earth Day Pledge Photo Booth where staff can have their photograph taken while holding their pledge of how they will support the University of Michigan’s 2025 campus sustainability goals.

University of Maryland Medical System: This world-class academic hospital system is celebrating Earth Day with a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the completion of a solar generation project comprised of 25 acres or 15,540 solar panels. With less need for nonrenewable electricity, the hospital system expects to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 3 tons the first year.

For more ideas on how your hospital can make every day earth day visit Practice Greenhealth and Health Care without Harm. Both have numerous resources to help healthcare organizations adopt practices that are healthy for patients and the environment.

What measures has your hospital taken to limit its impact on the environment?
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