Do You Like a Challenge? Take this Ecological Footprint Quiz!

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With Earth Day upon us, it’s a good time to ask a simple question: How energy efficient do you consider yourself?

A few days ago, I would have rated myself a 3.5 on a scale of 1 – 5. But recently a colleague challenged me to take an “Ecological Footprint Quiz.” At the end, it tells you how many “Earths” would be required if most people lived “your” lifestyle. So I took the quiz. And let’s just say, I’m not anxious to share my results!

Now, I wish I could blame my “not so favorable” score on my family. I mean, I’m forever chasing after my children to turn off their bedroom lights – or my husband because I swear he falls asleep in the shower. But the truth is, most of us can do a little more in the fight against global warming. It’s a real epidemic – and we’re witnessing the consequences of it daily. If you haven’t seen the statistics lately, they can be eye-opening. I’ve listed some of the more astounding ones in my blog, “Global Warming 101 – Facts & Stats.”

To be honest, I wouldn’t call myself a through-and-through energy enthusiast, but I do try to be aware of my energy use – especially at home. As I’ve said before, doing my part to help prevent global warming, lets me worry less about the future for my children. There really is no bigger motivator than that. So, I take all the normal energy conservation measures such as turning off lights, unplugging electrical appliances, using cold water to wash laundry, recycling, etc.  And I have to admit, I thought I’d score about mid-scale on this quiz. Nope. As a matter of fact, I was a little shocked at my results. Surely I am more energy efficient than the results show. Or, do I just like to think I am?

The choices in the quiz opened my eyes to the things I’m not doing. And it got me thinking about simple energy efficiency measures I can take to better contribute to the energy dilemma. So, in honor of Earth Day, I am going to commit to installing an instant water heater on my sink. I’m also going to begin purchasing biodegradable cleaning products. Just think, by doing these two simple things, I’ll be helping to save the Earth—and a few bucks in my wallet!

For more quick tips and money saving ideas, I invite you to read my blog, “Walking the energy management walk – It’s personal.

If you’re an energy enthusiast, I’m guessing you’d probably rate yourself high on the energy efficiency scale, right? I challenge you to take this quiz and share your results, as well as your Earth Day commitments, below.

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  • Ashley Baker

    11 years ago

    I was surprised to get 3.5 earth’s. I am part of both Meat and Produce Community Supported Agriculture Programs (CSA’s), so most of my food comes directly from local organic farms. My co-workers know me as kind of a ‘hippe’, I only have chemical free products at home. I don’t drive too much but I do fly a couple times a year. I now realize there is a lot I don’t have control over at my apartment in terms of energy consumption. I will have to keep an eye out for these next time I move!

  • Thanks for sharing Ash! If YOU are 3.5 Earths then maybe my score wasn’t as bad as I thought!! 🙂

  • Well, that was a wakeup call. And I thought I was pretty good with all our CFL, low flow devices, and extra insulation. Apparently I need to step it up a couple notches. Thanks for sharing Jaimie!

  • A wake-up call indeed! And a good reminder, I think! Thanks for sharing, Estelle…

  • Kathleen Batcheller

    11 years ago

    2.67, much lower than the national average (thanks in large part to my vegan diet), but still lots of room for improvement. My score will go down when I sell my house and downsize. I also need to think about buying sustainable clothing. This quiz is great because it lets you know where you’re doing OK, and it helps you understand what to focus on for improvement. Thanks, Jaimie! Happy Earth Day.

  • Great score! Thanks for sharing, Kathleen! Our Earth thanks you! 🙂

  • 2.52 Earths. i forecast considerably higher due to the amount of travel by car/train i carry out for business but i was saved by housing and the goods/services footprints 🙂

    Nice litte test to make you think, then again energy saving/efficiency is a big part of my job 😉

  • Thanks for the comment, Stu. Agreed, travel accounts for a lot of the score – unfortunately, difficult to avoid. For those of us who travel frequently, it’s all the more reason to live “greener” at home! Appreciate your participaton in the quiz!

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