Energy Management Yields Comprehensive Benefits for Pipeline Operators

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In my previous blog post, I mentioned that energy management becomes a process that can help the hydrocarbon pipeline operator accomplish other operational and business goals. Here’s more on that thought…

Successful optimization of pipeline energy consumption requires that the operator –

• Be willing to invest in the appropriate personnel, skills, and technology tools.

• Consider the planning and scheduling of energy required for a delivery as integral to operations management, not to be overshadowed by obligations to satisfy shippers and customers.

• Have timely pipeline information, a responsive calculation solution, and the means to implement the recommended functions.

Yet, committing to an automation and control strategy using advanced pipeline solutions puts the operator in a position to strengthen its best operating strategies through controllers and energy managers. The company will find that quantifying energy costs in real time can optimize operation (read: time and resources) in real time. It will see enhancement in operational processes that involve equipment, procedures, and business decisions.

The operator also can realize returns beyond these internal drivers. It will be preparing for regulations that are likely to target energy efficiency in the near- or mid-term. It can take advantage of rate structure incentives offered by power providers to large consumers. It can improve profitability for shareholders.

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