Why inefficient energy management processes limit business success

Successful enterprises have one thing in common; they are able to do more with less. This is an especially important skill for businesses to have in its arsenal to overcome rising energy costs; a source of concern for the economy.

‘The use of intelligent digital technology to optimize the performance of energy management systems offers the single biggest opportunity today to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs,” says analyst group Frost & Sullivan. They add that reduction in carbon emissions is another benefit.

For some CEO’s, implementing intelligent digital technology to existing energy management processes is a scary proposition.  They think that changing existing processes can get in the way of business. But, in order to be successful, it is essential for enterprises to find ways to get energy management inefficiencies out of the way.

Innovative energy management solutions can solve a host of energy consumption issues throughout the enterprise. Before giving the IT department the task of implementing an energy management solution, it is important to get people working together. And, organizations need to partner with an expert in energy efficiency.

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Left to its own devices, energy inefficiency has a direct impact on the bottom line. To maximize energy efficiency, it is necessary for enterprises to fix the root cause of the problem, their antiquated energy infrastructure.

What CEO’s don’t know about energy management is that an ideal energy infrastructure unifies power, process, IT room, building, and security systems. These are all key components to effective management of facilities.

Analytical software tools allow energy managers and users to see, measure, and manage energy efficiency across buildings, industrial plants, and data centers.  An advanced infrastructure combined with intelligent, integrated energy management software and services uncover cost savings opportunities. And, with web services, an enterprise can have better visibility and control of their resources, without sacrificing business productivity or performance.

The right solution works across multiple functions of the enterprise. This way, better decisions are made in relation to energy consumption.

Inefficient energy has a way of stealing from the bottom line. On the other hand, an enterprise can achieve up to 30% savings on CapEx and OpEx. And, enterprises can feel good about contributing to a healthier, more sustainable planet.

Strategic alliances inside and outside the enterprise are critical to improving energy consumption, optimizing energy assets, and driving sustainability. Without these partnerships and help from energy efficiency experts, any initiative to improve energy consumption is doomed to fail.

What steps have you taken to optimize your energy consumption?

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