Walking the energy management walk – It’s personal

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I’ve read that our world is hotter today than it has been in two thousand years, and if the trend continues, by the end of this century our planet could see temperatures higher than in the past two million years. No wonder everyone talks about climate change!

But can we do more than just talk about energy management? Can we walk the walk, both as companies and as individuals?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) thinks so. They set standards such as ISO 50001 so organizations of all types and sizes, private or public, anywhere in the world, can develop a sustainability strategy that makes an impact. The ISO 50001 standard defines the requirements for energy management systems and helps organizations continuously improve energy performance by optimizing energy usage and reducing energy costs.

Companies take these standards seriously, too. As reported in this story published by Specification Online, Schneider Electric UK just received the ISO 50001 certification across 15 of its largest sites, bringing Schneider Electric’s total to 35 certified sites worldwide. As a leader in energy management, we believe in walking the walk.

But what about us as individuals? How can we begin our own personal energy efficiency journey? We can walk the energy management walk too, and a great starting point is a home energy audit.

Have you thought about how energy efficient your home is? Do you leave your lights, heat, or AC on when you’re not home? Do you wash your clothes in hot water? How much air escapes through your windows? How much energy are you wasting? These are just a few questions a home energy audit can answer while suggesting simple remedies to reduce your personal energy use and protect the future of our planet.

If helping arrest climate change isn’t enough motivation, then your wallet should be. Even simple energy management measures will save you plenty. For example, the average home spends nearly $2,000/year on utility bills. Up to 20% of that is from lighting alone. Making the switch to compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs can save you $30+ over the life of the bulb – that’s just one bulb! Not to mention they use 75% less energy than an incandescent bulb and last 8 to 15 times as long. True, the purchase price is higher but the bulbs quickly pay for themselves through electricity cost savings. Pretty cool!

By saving energy, we save money. By protecting our environment, we protect ourselves. Energy management really is personal.

Do you have energy saving “quick tips” that you use? Please share your ideas below.

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