mySchneider App: One-stop solution for all your digital services

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Mobile applications have redefined the ways we do our business today. In the era of digitisation, both customers and consumers rely on a service that is quick, accessible, reliable, and engaging. The apps have become a vital tool to provide value and higher engagement levels and help connect with your user audience and give them customised services.

Presenting mySchneider App—a one-stop shop for digital services, where you will find our complete range of offers, catalogues, technical courses, along with personalised services and recommendations.

With mySchneider App, you can easily access relevant information, get insights, and make informed decisions.

What is in it for me if I download the app? Here are the top three reasons:

1. Maximising equipment uptime is easier than ever

Turn equipment help insights into performance improvements. Simply register your installed equipment via the mySchneider App to understand obsolescence, shortage of spare parts, etc.

2. Simple, Reliable Chat Messaging

Chat with our customer care agents directly on the app. It is faster and convenient than ever.

3. Offline Mode

You no longer have to worry about your internet connection while searching for products and offers in the catalogue. mySchneider App will be always there at your fingertips.

Take a quick sneak-peek of the app’s top functions

Top 5 features of mySchnieder App at a glance:

  1. Access the Schneider Electric catalogue on your device to see our complete range of offers, including public prices, FAQs, documents and more.
  2. Find product information by using the built-in barcode/QR code scanner to save time.
  3. Find the nearest distributor to help you get Schneider Electric product right away.
  4. Receive real-time notifications on updated technical documents, product news, and more.
  5. Bypass long automated prompts: access key contact numbers through a call menu with one, simple tap.

24/7 Support. Mobile Catalogue. Access to expert help and information. And more. It’s all in the mySchneider App from Schneider Electric.

What are you waiting for?

Click here or Scan QR Code from your mobile to install mySchneider App now.

About the author

Mohit Ganiger, Marketing Manager at Schneider Electric.

A digital marketer with a penchant towards App and Web Marketing, Marketing Strategy and Product Management.

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