Prove Your Data Center Knowledge: Get Certified Through Energy University

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Certifications have long held value in IT circles, helping practitioners prove they know their way around everything from Cisco routers to Microsoft Windows operating systems. Typically, though, getting certified in a particular discipline requires taking lots of courses and passing an exam, both potentially expensive endeavors that may also require some travel.

Schneider Electric is turning that model on its head. First, the company offers more than 200 free, online courses through its Energy University. Most courses take less than an hour to complete and students can take them from anywhere they have an Internet connection. And did I mention they’re free?

And last month Energy University launched its second online certification exam, Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA). DCCA joins the Professional Energy Manager (PEM) certification that launched in 2012. At just $250, the DCCA certification is affordable and can be completed anytime – no need to travel to potentially far away testing centers – and it never expires.

DCCA certification proves foundational knowledge required to design and upgrade physical data centers, covering topics including power, cooling, racks, cabling, fire protection, management and physical security. The certification proves an individual has core knowledge of data center design, build and operations techniques.

PEM certification demonstrates an ability to address today’s growing energy concerns with respect to topics including cost, availability and environmental impact. Certified individuals will be able to advocate for efficiency as a means of reducing costs and improving business performance, recommend appropriate solutions, and monitor and sustain efficiency gains.

Skilled data center and energy professionals are in high demand. DCCA and PEM certifications can help you demonstrate you’re ready to take on the challenges that data centers present, including energy consumption. Now you can not only take all the free courses you need online, whenever it’s convenient, but also get certified online as well – for a fraction of the cost of traditional certification exams.

There’s a reason more than 350,000 users in 165+ countries have completed over half a million courses with Energy University. They know it’s a smart, convenient way to expand skills sets and increase industry knowledge. And now, it’s the best way to earn professional certification, anytime, anywhere.

Visit Energy University to learn more about the DCCA and PEM exams.

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  • Nathan Buuck

    10 years ago

    DCCA is a great cert that anyone making decisions about critical IT physical infrastructure could benefit greatly from. Energy University also had a wealth of other related standalone courses that allow you to further supplement your knowledge.

  • It is a good topic

  • I am very much interested about Data Center work. Now please send me the full procedure how can i get certified for “Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA)”. And what’s the requirement to take this course.

  • Please I have been trying to register and it keep telling me my username is unavailable. I even use the alphanumeric method and am getting frustrated.
    Thanks and kindly assist

  • please,can this certifications be useful to me professionally,as I do not have a university degree?

    • Yes. These certificates are a great way to learn about the topics and apply them to your profession. Many of the courses are accredited by different organizations and can be used to fulfill any continuing education requirements.


    5 years ago

    When applying for the DCCA Program will it come with actual books or is it just online course work and videos.

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