What leads and drags the world are not machines, but ideas

“What leads and drags the world are not machines, but ideas”. Victor Hugo

The university is the principle behind all concepts of freedom; freedom of thought and of expression. A pursuit of excellence which draws together innovative, independent ideas, is open to the outside from a distinctly international position, committed to values and efficiency and ever in touch with today’s society.

University is synonymous with freedom.  Freedom is progress and progress is reflected in productivity. These concepts are essential to developing and evolving as a society and in overcoming the barriers imposed by the business market.

Collaboration must exist university students from different countries and cultures. This unity-based relationship fosters and empowers the professionals of the future with a global view of society and, in turn, facilitates direct communication between cultures, enhancing social skills and successful performance.

In turn, the university must focus its efforts on creating jobs, transferring knowledge, and building entrepreneurship, the cornerstones of modern society. This can be accomplished through close collaboration between the realm of the university and the business world.

Society needs universities and businesses to work together in pursuit of continuous improvement, productive progress, and enhanced internationalization aimed at encountering a competitive advantage based on knowledge and experience.

The university must act as a driver of economic development, and businesses need to provide support and facilitate this process.

Economic progress and productive development are achieved through society’s flexibility and dynamism, internationalization and plurality among universities, and the power and strength of the business community.

I would like to point out that the Foundation for Knowledge and Development, through its activities dedicated to reflection and analysis, upholds the objectives in pursuit of excellence we are talking about. Schneider Electric also provides training and professional opportunities to students and graduates in a wide-array of positions including automation, utilities management, security systems, smart cities and buildings automation among others. I hereby wish to encourage continued work, in research and in acting as a facilitator of unity amongst society, businesses and universities.



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