The Most Critical Aspect of Any NFL Fantasy Draft

The long arduous months without NFL football are finally over. The preseason is winding down, and NFL fans everywhere are excited and energized for the 2015 season. Whether your team has Super Bowl aspirations, or you’re just excited to see the development of the latest 1st round pick, this is the time of year where every NFL fan has hope. But if you are as big of an NFL fan as I am, the preseason isn’t only about day dreaming and wishful thinking; it’s about preparation.

The start of preseason means it’s time for you to put on your best scouting hat, and gear up for the unpredictable whirlwind that is fantasy football. Whether it’s searching for the latest injury news, trying to identify late round sleepers, or waiting for the latest depth chart to come out; there is a ton of work to do before your draft. But even the most diligent fantasy players often overlook what could be the two most critical aspects of their draft; a reliable internet connection and power for their mobile devices.

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Many fantasy football fans prefer to do live in-person drafts, but let’s be realistic; in today’s increasingly transient society chances are at least one of your league members has to draft remotely. This means that no matter how diligent you are while preparing for your fantasy draft, a quick hiccup in power could mean you miss out on that 1st round running back you were targeting – and what if there is a prolonged outage and you have to rely on the computer to auto-draft for you? Could be devastating.

To make sure your fantasy football championship dreams don’t turn into nightmares you should consider an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to power your network (router and modem). A UPS for your network keeps you connected to the internet during power outages. One new UPS in particular, the Back-UPS Connect BGE50ML, is the perfect solution for network and mobile power.   The BGE50ML powers your network equipment for 2.5 hours during extended outages – covering even the slowest drafts – and has a 3 USB charging ports and a mobile battery pack for powering smart devices like smartphones and tablets. That means that even in a doomsday scenario like a power outage, you’ll be guaranteed enough uptime to get all the way to that irrelevant late round kicker.

The new Back-UPS Connect BGE50ML from APC keeps your internet connection and mobile devices up and running; so whether you’re drafting your fantasy team, or simply watching the Sunday night game, you can always remain connected to your family, friends, sports and fantasy championship dreams.

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