The Importance of Network Attachment in an Increasingly Connected World

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The internet of things (IoT) has become a buzz word in business, and rightfully so.  However, the reality is the buzzword that was introduced as far back as the 90’s is outdated; the internet of things has rapidly evolved to become the internet of everything (IoE).

Maintaining your connection to the internet, and thus your network, has long been critical to not only businesses interactions but daily life; but as the IoE gains traction, the criticality of maintaining your network connection grows with it.

The internet already plays a critical role in our daily lives, and being without it is undeniably limiting and frustrating.  We use the internet to work, communicate, pay bills and entertain ourselves among a multitude of other things, but IoE is changing your network from crucial to indispensable, because losing your network connection is beginning to represent much more than an inconvenience.

Gartner estimates that by 2020 there will be an excess of 30 billion connected devices, most of which will not be products we typically associate with network connectivity such as computers, tablets and smart phones.  Instead these devices will be products we rely on in our daily lives, with everything from our car to our refrigerator to our toothbrush.

As more and more products become ‘connected,’ our lives should become easier, but our reliance on network connectivity will grow with that added convenience.    Instead of relying on the internet to send e-mails, pay bills, and read content; the connectivity of your devices will warm your home, maintain your car, lock your doors, and help prepare your meals.  Initially this seems great, and it is!  But understanding the impact of maintaining your network in this new environment is critical.

No one knows what the Internet of Everything will bring, but we can be sure that it is here and already transforming our world.  This technology can and will be leveraged to improve our lives; and it has been and should continue to be embraced, but the impact it will have on our lives cannot be overlooked.  Maintaining your network has, and will continue to become more critical than ever; and APC by Schneider Electric can help you be prepared for this new dynamic world.

With our unique best-in-class solutions, we can assure that you, your family and your business are prepared to capitalize on IoE to improve your life, and maintain your network.

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