APC Back-UPS Made my Life Easier

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Steve Ole Olson from St. Louis, Missouri likes to be prepared.  After a near miss from the devastating tornado that struck Joplin, in 2011, Steve was determined to find a way to stay connected during a power outage.

The availability of Steve’s home network is critical to him.  He spends a considerable amount of time online for both entertainment and work.  As a sales and marketing consultant based out of his home office, Steve needs constant access to the Internet.

After the Joplin tornado, Steve considered his reliance on his home network and concluded that protecting his connection to the Internet was the best way to ensure connectivity in the event of an emergency.   He already had each of his media centers protected from power surges and outages with an APC Back-UPS so he decided to connect his modem and wireless router to one also so his network would be available during a power outage.


Recently, Steve’s area experienced an intense windstorm where he lost power.  With his network supported by his APC Back-UPS 500, Steve was able to stay connected to the Internet for more than four hours.  In fact, he reported the outage to the utility company online – something he wouldn’t have been able to do without his home network protected.  As Steve tells us, “it wasn’t an emergency, but my Back-UPS made my life easier.”

With high-speed wireless networks emerging as the new standard for access to the Internet, many don’t consider the importance of maintaining power to your modem and wireless router.  Without a UPS, a power loss will instantly take down your connection to the Internet.  With millions of professionals working out of home offices, maintaining a digital connection has never been more important.  An APC Back-UPS is perfect power protection for home networks.

Did you know APC Back-UPS offer more than back-up power?   They also offer surge protection for sensitive media equipment such as receivers, high definition TV’s and Blue Ray players.  And in Steve’s case, the few minutes of power protection allowed him to avoid damage to his electronics by sequentially shut down his computer and media equipment.


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