Making Business Intelligence work for your organization

Business Intelligence technology should serve your organization, and not the other way around.

Because it is an enterprise-wide solution, the implementation of Business Intelligence technology offers risks that can undermine expected results and effectiveness –

> Projects that are too ambitious; success is most likely realized when projects are defined in phases that work with previous-phase results.

> Problems with information integration, requiring expensive clean-up processes.

> Limited sustainability, due to changes that disrupt system homogeneity.

> Limited adaptability, minimising support of new Business Intelligence needs as the business grows and evolves.

> Extended time of implementation, limiting effectiveness and user buy-in.

> Failure to recognize user needs, and focusing, instead, on IT department compatibility.

> Lack of user-compatible tools, amplifying IT department involvement and corporate costs.

Organizations worldwide are avoiding these problems – and the limited information availability, decreased information value, and high IT maintenance they present – by utilizing experienced IT services. Such services offer a competency centre with dedicated planning skills; onsite and/or remote support; successful project models; and closed contracting that precisely defines deliverables, costs, and terms – all to support comprehensive energy management and power control projects.

With proper planning, a well-defined strategy, and carefully defined and developed implementation, your company achieves a Corporate Information Factory that empowers your company’s employees, today and tomorrow, as smart cities projects develop and deploy

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