Business Intelligence is a tall order

The successful business embraces a broad range of processes, involving many different personnel, who need widely varying types of information. The organization’s Business Intelligence is the collection of information tools, systems, and processes that supports the different decisions each group makes to contribute to the conglomerate success.

Those involved in planning an energy management project, for example, need to consider known information, such as budget, the previous planning period, and the point at which the previous plan deployed. They require information related to the past, present, and future, to develop successful plans.

Those involved in the implementation of the project need information in real time, to monitor progress, detect problems, and modify processes as needed for correction and ultimate success. Here, the focus is on actual, short term information.

Those developing a strategy – its selection, design, and implementation – need actual and specific implementation information to define weak points and capitalize on the strengths that can yield improvements.

In addition to these three phases of a smart energy project are the Management and Marketing personnel with different information views and content requirements. Management users view key aspects of the company from a global perspective and require a high level of data aggregation; often, a graphical interpretation is highly applicable here. Marketing users, on the other hand, need an enormous amount of data that they can apply to a wide range of questions regarding the competition, the customer, the product, and the supply chain, so that they can best address market reality.

Watch for our next post, where we’ll discuss what your Business Intelligence technology should include, to fully serve all of these corporate needs.



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