The Facility Manager’s Perfect Day

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Imagine for a second, you walk into the office. You take your place at your desk, open your laptop or PC and see graphs showing your electrical distribution operating at peak performance.

As you look up, you see your colleagues, some of them drinking their coffee and others concentrating on their work. Productivity is at peak since the environment you have created is comfortable; air conditioners are running at perfect temperature; the space has been optimised for every employee.

You get up for a monthly review of your facility’s sustainability and efficiency metrics. There are no surprises and all trends show that your facility is on its way to becoming the most sustainable facility in the city or perhaps in the entire country.

Suddenly, your phone beeps. A maintenance check you had scheduled has been completed. You were notified a month back that this asset was on the verge of causing critical failures. Today, you didn’t need to worry since you already took corrective measures.

The day ends. You are the last one to leave. As you walk out, the lights automatically switch themselves off and you are reassured that your resources are optimised, and your facility will let you know if any issues crop up.

You smile. It has been a perfect day.

Sounds impossible? It isn’t, if you perfect your resources.

It is estimated that in 2020, the world will have 1.3 bn IoT sensors deployed worldwide, a 78.8% increase from 2015. IoT allows a wealth of data to be collected from disparate devices that can be used in various ways to optimise your facility. Your facilities are constantly communicating, and they exhibit the signs of faults much before they occur. All it takes to optimise your facility is to listen to the signs. However, you still need ways to analyse this data.

At Schneider Electric, we are committed to helping you create smart facility that utilises its resources to perfection and makes your life easier. From managing risk to achieving operational excellence, maximising employee protection and financial efficiency become easier once you have the tools to listen to your facility. You can perfect your resources, from critical infrastructure to electrical distribution.

Our EcoStruxureTM Advisors evaluate and analyse the live data from your connected assets to identify threats and give you the power to make critical decisions, smarter. Our advisors can help you perfect your resources and create a facility of the future easily. From there, having a perfect day is within arm’s reach.

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