Monitoring Your Networks

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Today’s complex network systems have become the foundation of business.  A network’s reliability and performance are essential.  With so many interrelated devices and applications running simultaneously, system event diagnosis can be a challenge.  Real-time visibility can significantly reduce the reaction time to system events, thus maintaining continuous operations and, more importantly, revenue.


How can real-time network performance monitoring help? For one, our customers are seeing a reduction in operation costs.  They are using less effort to manage their networks with application-based technology with built-in automation. This proactive approach to network management allows real-time visibility spanning the entire critical IT infrastructure.

Some of the features and benefits of network performance monitoring include:

  • Monitoring the health of key Critical Assets
  • Viewing current bandwidth usage and identifying bottlenecks
  • Detecting network system trouble before it happens
  • Increased security by monitoring for “rogue” devices that have been connected without authorization
  • Monitoring resources to track metrics such as disk space, CPU load, storage space, offline/online state, and memory utilization
  • System event alert management from anywhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Viewing all your key critical IT assets is a snap with built-in customizable dashboards. You’ll also find the reporting tool handy for documentation. The benefits include:

  • Real-time dashboards for quickly viewing your network’s overall state
  • Storage of time-based data from millions of elements
  • Establishing a performance baseline
  • Identification of all of your IT network inventory devices
  • Pre- and post-deployment performance monitoring metrics
  • Trending metrics provides data to project future growth

In summary, protecting your IT infrastructure can be easy and cost-effective with a comprehensive real-time network performance monitoring solution.

Special thanks to Curt Christian for contributing to this article.

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  • Such great information. Thanks

  • Fred Harrington

    8 years ago

    Great info! Cyber security is so important today. There are some clever crooks out there so being on top of your/our game is vital!

    Fred H

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