[Podcast] Frugal AI. The other side of the equation. 

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Frugal AI: compromise, balance, and wise approach 

Today not many businesses operate with the term “frugal AI”, but many of them know that measuring the footprint of their AI solutions is something they should start taking care of. In the third episode of AI at scale podcast we explain what frugal approach to AI means and how it applies to real business use cases.  

Claude Le Pape-Gardeux, Data and AI Domain Leader at Schneider Electric, defines frugality of AI solutions and shares his point of view on the “new energy” demand vs. the current need to be energy efficient. In the show Claude shares with Gosia Gorska, the host of the podcast, useful tactics to measure AI successfully and effectively. The episode’s second part is dedicated to the topic of constant improvement of measurement methods and cooperation with academic partners. 

Claude Le Pape Gardeux - AI at  Scale

Listen to the third episode of the AI at Scale podcast.  

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