[Podcast] What are the top skills a Chief AI Officer should have?

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Bees and unicorns of the AI world

In the second episode of the AI at Scale podcast we welcome Allison Sagraves, AI and Data Advisor, Chief AI and Data Officer Faculty at Carnegie Mellon University, beekeeper and forest steward. The main topic of the episode is the discussion about today’s search for AI unicorns – not only among start-ups, but also C-level executives and AI experts. 

In the show, Allison talks about the current importance of Chief AI Officers in business. She describes their collaboration with Chief Data Officers, as well as shares top three skills to have to be a successful CAIO. As an extra, she reflects on her project with bees, which inspires Gosia, the host of the show, to bring the topic of the underrepresentation of female talents in STEM. 95% of bees living in the hive are females! In comparison, women now make up 26% of the STEM workforce. The conversation ends with an advice given to today’s aspiring female Chief AI Officers, and anybody who want to successfully land a job in AI. 

AI at Scale podcast - Allison Sagraves

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