[Podcast] AI at SCALE. How? When? And why? 

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AI at Scale podcast is live!

The first Schneider Electric podcast dedicated only to artificial intelligence is officially live and available on all streaming platforms. The AI at Scale podcast invites AI practitioners and AI experts to share their experiences, insights, and AI success stories. Through casual conversations, the show provides answers to questions such as: How do I implement AI successfully and sustainably? How do I make a real impact with AI? The show features real AI solutions and innovations and offers a sneak peek into the future. 

Some of the most difficult questions that a Chief AI Officer can get. 

Philippe Rambach: AI at Scale podcast

The first episode hosts Philippe Rambach, Schneider Electric’s Chief AI Officer. In the conversation, Philippe answers some of the most difficult questions that a Chief AI Officer can receive. He explains when it is necessary to use AI and when not, the sustainable and frugal approach to AI, and finally, talks about three pillars of AI supporting decarbonization and energy savings. Then, in the second part of the show, Philippe shares practical insights for businesses about implementing AI at scale in the company to ensure return on investment and value from AI.   

Listen to the first episode of the AI at Scale podcast.

Listen to Philippe Rambach: AI at SCALE. How? When? And why? episode. Subscribe to the show on the preferred streaming platform (Spotify, Apple Podcasts), listen to the episode on YouTube, and stay tuned for the next episode.

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