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Data is a precious resource: one that drives decisions and business outcomes. But it’s not finite like other resources. In fact, it’s growing. Many businesses are already flooded with operations data from a myriad of sources – whether building management systems, power monitoring, or production line sensors. 

With the growing demand for energy efficiency, optimized production, and sustainability, the market calls for an integrated approach that can fully capitalize on business data. Here, Schneider Electric and AVEVA are setting the pace. Let’s talk about it.

From data to insights, from insights to action

Although we operate in an increasingly data-centric landscape, only 32% of companies can realize tangible value from it, says Accenture. One issue is volume; recent research by IDC shows that almost a third of companies are overwhelmed by their amount of data. Data scientists spend two thirds of their time cleaning and structuring data.

At the same time, our customers who have invested in IoT and the cloud are demanding the fruits of digital transformation. They want everything to work together. And they need total access to data on their assets, processes, energy, and carbon footprint for transparency and visibility across every stage of their operations.

What they’re essentially asking for is insight. But for that they need integration. Often, data can languish inside closed systems: on the cloud and on premise, in siloes, or industry-specific platforms that don’t talk to each other. Companies need a single source of truth to unite these data streams and uncover insights. There’s a lot at stake here. With unstructured or incomplete data, businesses might make poor decisions – or no decision at all.  

Data insights expose lines of action. A company could sculpt its processes to minimize waste or learn where to invest in energy-efficient solutions for maximum effect. Or they could deploy intelligent equipment data to prevent a machine breakdown before it happens. All of this descends from robust data organization. Without it, companies are sailing blind, and shouldn’t be surprised if their sustainability programs run aground.  

Businesses that master their data can steal a competitive advantage. And for companies with ambitious ESG commitments, this boost is make or break. Many have made sweeping promises to become net zero by a certain deadline. Now they need to realize those promises with pragmatic, data-powered decisions.  

One software to rule them all? 

A digital transformation needs a bold software strategy, not a single ‘miracle’ application. Schneider Electric already has a uniquely comprehensive portfolio of software, and we’re now building the crucial interconnections. The goal is simple: a unified, industrial-grade data hub that can collect, store, and analyze data — and deliver rich insights.

One integrated platform means you can launch work orders or controls and make decisions to adjust performance based on facts. It wouldn’t matter what device or process generates the data — or where it lives. Integration like this will light a path through the complex data landscape.

Customers come to us for deep sector understanding and sustainability expertise. With a unified data hub foundation based on our EcoStruxure Platform and AVEVA Data Hub, software applications equip our customers with mission-critical capabilities: visibility, real-time awareness, and intelligence across an asset’s lifecycle. We have the scope and scale to mobilize the volumes of data involved and provide valuable insights; starting from the design phase, through building, operation, to maintenance.

Making data speak openly… in three clicks

But the innovation doesn’t stop there – we know that the key to solving our customers’ need for data access and integration is openness. Through Schneider Electric Exchange we are making operational data easier to manage and easier to access through simple, standardized EcoStruxure APIs. They can be used to unleash the power of data sharing and the ingenuity of software developers to achieve sustainable business outcomes. For example, our EcoStruxure Energy & Sustainability Scoring API enables easy and secure access to the energy and sustainability performance score of buildings equipped with compatible EcoStruxure systems. This data can then be used to achieve building sustainability certification based on performance and benchmarks. The result? We have a real estate company partner that can certify more than 100 buildings in just 3 clicks.

Data holds the insights for decision makers to steer toward sustainability, but only if structured, processed, and utilized. Today, by working with EcoStruxure and AVEVA, businesses can liberate insights from their data, outperform competitors, and energize their ESG efforts.

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