How Harmony wireless devices can foster productivity

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Authored By: Marc Denis

Wireless communication devices are everywhere. They keep us constantly connected, helping us to access data and to save time without any mobility constraints. Like in daily personal life, manufacturing operations, as well as utilities monitoring and control, are all about saving time and increasing productivity. The wireless offers freedom for connectivity transformed to machine flexibility, mobility, and comfort. Such solution enhances machine performances and productivity gain and can also solves pain points during machine life cycles.

In the future, the devices will be connected all together under 2.4 GHz free worldwide frequency, for more performances and wiring simplification. When flexibility or mobility will be requested, the wireless architectures will become more and more the best solution.

It’s exciting and inspiring when we realize that “New usages of wireless buttons and remotes are emerging every day. “

Schneider Electric is part of this adventure with a portfolio of industrial wireless remote-control which contribute to

  • Productivity and Efficiency by
    • reducing installation time and cost for new machinery
    • avoiding down time due to broken wires.
    • increasing Operator efficiency thanks to mobility
  • Flexibility when revamping of existing installations.

Harmony XB5R and Harmony Pocket Remote fulfill those expectations in several kind of applications like packaging (i.e. : wrapping machine) , material handling (i.e. : AGV, forklift), automotive (i.e. :Andon system), agriculture (i.e. : irrigation system).


Harmony XB5R
Harmony Pocket Remote

Presentation of Harmony XB5R

Harmony XB5R wireless and battery less pushbutton are used for remote control of a receiver relay using a transmitter pushbutton. A Zigbee Green Power radio-coded message is sent, in a single pulse, to one or more receiver(s) located several tens of meters away. One receiver can also be activated by different transmitters.

This technology is used for remote control application but not for hoisting applications or safety applications.

Presentation of Harmony Pocket Remote

Harmony Pocket Remote controls are based on an association of a transmitter and a receiver. A radio-coded message is sent to one or more receiver(s) located several tens of meters away. One receiver can also be activated by different transmitters. This pocket-sized wireless radio remote control is customizable and offers industrial performance, easy and quick installation.

This technology based on discontinued simplex radio mode is used for remote control applications but not for safety applications.

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