Digital evolution: Connecting nations for a smarter future

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The onset of digitization has enlightened our world in more ways than one. In order to keep the spread of the global pandemic in check, the government of almost every country imposed stringent lockdowns and social distancing laws. Therefore, institutions like schools, offices, colleges, and more were operating via digital platforms, causing digital evolution to accelerate. In this article, we will discuss how the digital evolution is connecting nations for a smarter future. However, first, let us begin by understanding the basic definition of digital evolution or digitization.

In simple words, digitization is the use of multiple digital technologies [1] for converting information or analog signals into a digital format. The new digital world is equipped to convert information like voices, texts, and images into a binary code.

What is digital evolution?

Digital evolution refers to the process where digital entities, like computer programs or algorithms, undergo changes over time, akin to biological evolution. These changes are driven by mechanisms such as mutation, selection, and reproduction, allowing digital organisms to adapt and improve. This concept is often used in fields like artificial intelligence, where algorithms evolve to become more efficient or effective at specific tasks.

digital evolution

Evolving digital evolution technologies

Evolving digital evolution technologies refer to the ongoing advancements in tools, strategies, and innovations within the digital world. As the new digital world rapidly unfolds, embracing these technologies is crucial for organizations to adapt, innovate, and excel in a dynamic and competitive landscape. It entails harnessing emerging trends, adopting transformative solutions, and navigating the evolving complexities of the digital realm. All of this to achieve growth, efficiency, and a sustainable presence in the digital world.

This new form of information is easy to access, store, and transit while being of use to several electronic devices. Below we have mentioned some of the many features of digital evolution:

  • The new digital world makes smarter use of technology to provide an enhanced customer experience.
  • People of the digital world use diverse technologies to actively inform and communicate, producing a huge amount of data.
  • A virtual environment is constructed by computers that are connected by the internet, allowing storage and processing of digitized data.

How does digital evolution facilitate progress?

Now that we have given an insight into digital evolution, let’s get into how it is connecting different industries for a smarter future:

  • Social media

The nationwide lockdown implemented in 2020 led to a massive spike in the usage of social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Even though social media has several disadvantages like threats to privacy, mental exhaustion, internet addiction, and more, it also offers a range of impressive advantages.

People of different countries are curious to learn about one another’s history, culture, traditions, etc. Here, social media provides people with a platform to interact and get to know each other. Since social media applications are a product of digital evolution, it plays a major role in bringing nations closer to a more connected world.

  • Online shopping

In this new digital world, everything is available to you in one single click. Giant online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and more carry all resources and products that we need for our daily lives like clothes, books, furniture, electronic devices, etc.

A few decades ago, if a person wanted to buy something that was exclusive to a particular location, they had to either visit the place or get in touch with a local person there. However, with digital evolution, you can order almost any product online from any part of the world. This also promotes the principles of globalization [2] while enhancing the customer experience.

  • Learning opportunities

As mentioned above, the breakout of coronavirus has accelerated the use of digital platforms and tools. Several prestigious colleges and universities introduced multiple free and paid online courses that came with a set number of recorded lectures.

So, students can enroll themselves in the course of their choice by sitting in any part of the world. Also, when students have attended all the recorded lectures, they must take a couple of online tests to attain a certificate of completion. By bringing people of different countries together, they also contribute to bringing nations closer.

  • Transportation

Many airplanes and trains are already equipped with top-class digital technology. In addition, road vehicles like trucks and cars are also expected to become fully automated in the near future. Nowadays, in order to save time, money, and energy, most people prefer booking their train/plane tickets through online portals.

The updated versions of passports comprise digital chips encrypted with integral information, enabling automated or self-service machines to speed up the process of customs and security checks.

  • Finance and banking

One of the biggest advantages of this new digital world is that it has paved the way for a digital economy, revolutionizing the banking and finance sector. The introduction of online banking has enabled quick monetary transactions through phone applications, tablets, laptops, and more.

Thus, if a person has to send money from a different country, it can be done within seconds. Additionally, bank users can remotely keep a check on their outgoing and incoming payments while arranging their bill payments and money transfers.

Apart from banking, financial matters like selling and buying shares and currency can also be dealt with online. Both national and international shares/currencies can be purchased via different apps and online websites, allowing easy communication of people across nations.

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