Data Center / Environment

How Schneider Electric Became First to Receive the New Energy Star Rating for UPS Products

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The Green Grid joins forces with Climate Savers Computing Initiative

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Cisco House : A Realistic Technology View of a Bright Future

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Your Planet Needs You! Help Cut Waste Caused By Over-Sizing Data Centers

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Data Center Highlights From The Green Grid Forum 2013

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Microsoft Launches CityNext – and Schneider Electric is On Board

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Some Data Centers Fail to Take Advantage of New ASHRAE Temperature Guidelines

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The 3 Common Pitfalls of Data Center Infrastructure Management

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Energy Storage

Energy Storage: So Much More Than Just a Battery

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Building and Financial Considerations When Selecting a Data Center Site

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Data Center Efficiency Calculator – A Tool for Modeling Your Current and/or Future PUE

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Increase Efficiency in the Data Center with Power Audits

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