Modern DCIM as force for more resilient, secure, and sustainable IT

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It’s no surprise that I am excited about the progress the EcoStruxure™ IT team has made in the past two years since we announced we were modernizing Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software. From what we are hearing from our customers and the growth we are seeing in the market, I believe our team is on the right track.

Schneider Electric is continuing to invest heavily in our team’s offerings as we evolve DCIM tools to handle the complexity of sprawling hybrid IT infrastructure. I recently had the opportunity to reflect on our DCIM 3.0 vision and how it is resonating with CIOs and others in the industry as part of Data Center Dynamics Innovation Day. With DCD moderator Kat Sullivan, Bjarke Fenger, global product manager for EcoStruxure IT software, and I focused on the challenges CIOs are facing as they attempt to manage their distributed IT.

Man walking in a futuristic data center representing the evolution of Modern DCIM as Force for More Resilient, Secure, and Sustainable IT

A sustainability theory that is becoming reality

Originally, DCIM was created with resiliency in mind and making sure IT equipment is operating as it should be. Now cybersecurity is top of mind for most organizations and DCIM is helping fill that need, making sure IT infrastructure is secure, following security policies, using updated firmware, and more.

Sustainability represents a theory we had two years ago that seems to be quickly becoming a reality as pressure grows on organizations to report energy consumption. That pressure is accelerating a need for the capabilities offered by EcoStruxure IT, which has a new set of sustainability reporting capabilities that had traditionally required deep technical know-how. Bjarke and I discuss how Schneider Electric’s CIO started a Green IT program and, as part of the program, deployed EcoStruxure IT across more than 140 key sites globally and witnessed significant energy reductions.

Join us virtually at DCD Innovation Day

In our session, we discuss all of these developments and much more, including the role AI will play in DCIM as we delve into specific EcoStruxure IT offers and share customer stories. I encourage you to join us virtually at DCD Innovation Day for our session: Modern DCIM as a Force for More Resilient, Secure, and Sustainable IT. And if you watch and have feedback, please leave a comment on this blog. Modernizing software doesn’t happen in a vacuum and we want to hear your insights.

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