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My IT career started in the mid-80s when my brother got a Commodore 128. I was introduced to the world of gaming and programming! For me, it was fun, but it was also frustrating when something did not work. To find answers, my only options were to search the manual or check the comment section in the monthly magazine. Unfortunately, it seemed the answer I was looking for was never there.

Fast forward to the 90s, when the internet was booming. Things changed. I remember the first time I asked a question online! I was trying to install a Linux system and, after weeks of failure, I posted my query in a chat forum. Less than 5 minutes later, a stranger reached out and texted me a walkthrough guide. It was like the world revealed itself to me and I learned an important lesson that day, one that has helped me in my role as global project manager for the EcoStruxure IT team working on DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management): there is power in shared knowledge.

A dynamic duo: help centers and customer communities

In today’s digital age, where information flows freely and instantly, users are taking an active role in solving their own problems. This juncture is where two powerful forces collide: the informative help center and the collaborative user community. This dynamic duo is a game-changer for businesses and users alike.

A well-designed help center is a treasure trove of information. It empowers users to find solutions independently, at their own pace and on their own schedule. Imagine yourself facing a technical hurdle. A comprehensive help center with clear instructions, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), and troubleshooting guides allows you to tackle the issue head-on, fostering a sense of accomplishment and building trust in the brand.

But what happens when the help center does not have all the answers? Enter the user community forum. This online space allows users to connect, share experiences, and offer peer-to-peer support. A seasoned user might know the perfect workaround for a new user’s challenge. This exchange of knowledge fosters a sense of community and strengthens brand loyalty.

Image of diverse group of people representing DCIM Help Center and Customer Community for EcoStruxure IT

The magic behind the duo

As part of our mission on to enable the data center manager to maintain a resilient, secure, and sustainable IT system and have access to the latest DCIM information, we recently updated our help center and community platform. From our experience with the EcoStruxure IT help center and user community, we know that DCIM users experience:

  • Increased User Satisfaction: Users who find solutions independently or get help from peers are more likely to be satisfied.
  • Reduced Support Tickets: A well-stocked help center and active community can deflect a significant number of support inquiries, freeing up resources for more complex issues.
  • Increased Innovation and Improvement: User communities are a goldmine for valuable feedback. Businesses can leverage these insights to improve products, services, and even the help center itself.
  • Boosted Brand Advocacy: When users feel empowered and supported, they are more likely to become brand advocates, singing your praises online and offline.

Be part of a DCIM ecosystem that empowers

To maximize the impact of this dynamic duo at EcoStruxure IT, our team has been focused on improving our help center and user community. I am happy to announce:

  • A new user-friendly help center: To make it easy for users to find the information they need, with clear search functionality and well-organized content.
  • More resources for the community: We are adding resources to support our community. We want to create an environment where users feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their knowledge about DCIM.
  • New product feedback opportunities: We are planning product feedback groups and sessions in our community to help prioritize our product roadmaps.

By harnessing the power of a well-maintained help center and a thriving user’s community, we are creating a self-service ecosystem that empowers our users, speeds up support time, and gets product feedback directly to our development teams.

I encourage everyone to learn more about EcoStruxure IT and I invite all users of EcoStruxure IT to visit our new help center and become a member of our user community.

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