How the EcoStruxure IT Team is Fulfilling its Vision for Modern DCIM

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Last year, we announced plans to modernize Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT portfolio of data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software to meet the challenges of DCIM 3.0.

So, how are we doing eight months later? Let’s check out the ways the EcoStruxure IT team is delivering on its vision to enable customers to operate sprawling, hybrid IT architecture that is not only resilient and secure but also sustainable.

Essential focus points

In making an ongoing investment in EcoStruxure IT, we have some essential focus points. We are committed to both on-premise and cloud solutions for our products and to creating a connected portfolio that works seamlessly together. More than ever, we are focused on providing enhanced cybersecurity resiliency for our clients.

Specific improvements to our DCIM

EcoStruxure IT Global Product Manager Bjarke Fender shares many specific ways we are improving monitoring and management and planning and modeling in his recent Schneider Electric blog, How EcoStruxure IT is delivering on our Promise to Modernize DCIM. I encourage you to read Bjarke’s blog if you’d like to make your hybrid IT infrastructure resilient, secure, and sustainable. He delves into the modernization details, such as: improved alarming and reporting and the release of a new partner mobile ap for IT Expert; the addition of a robust and modern API to Data Center Expert; stability and performance improvements for NetBotz; the introduction of the Energy Efficiency module to support sustainability initiatives; and so much more.

We have also introduced an online platform that has removed the need for companies to spend time and money sending employees all over the globe for DCIM training. EcoStruxure IT eLearning goes a long way toward fulfilling our goal of lowering the barriers to DCIM.

We’re excited about the opportunities our EcoStruxure IT modernization is bringing and it is my pleasure to fill you in on our progress as this motivated team keeps driving to deliver our vision. I look forward to keeping you updated throughout the year.

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