New Resources to Help CIOs Manage Resilient, Secure, and Sustainable Hybrid IT Operations

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With our EcoStruxure IT software, we’re focused on Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and we’ve just released two key resources that I believe will help CIOs who are challenged with maintaining resilient, secure, and sustainable hybrid IT operations.

Our new White Paper 281, “How Modern DCIM Addresses CIO Management Challenges within Distributed, Hybrid IT Environments” and a supporting TradeOff Tool – the DCIM Monitoring Value Calculator for Distributed IT – are now available and we are eager to hear people’s feedback.

Changing strategies for increasingly distributed IT environments

Patrick Donovan, who is a Senior Research Analyst at our Energy Management Research Center, wrote the paper and describes how enterprise IT portfolios have evolved. He examines the management challenges that resulted and the ways DCIM has evolved to match the change in IT portfolios and is now optimized for increasingly distributed IT environments.

According to Patrick, “Business requirements are forcing CIOs to hybridize their data center and IT portfolio architecture by placing IT capacity in colocation facilities and building out capacity at the local edge – sometimes in a big way. CIOs have always been tasked with managing and maintaining resilient and secure operations, but generally have been focused on core data center sites. Now, on top of having many more distributed sites needing resiliency and security, they are also being asked to report on the sustainability of their IT operations. This marks a real sea change in terms of their responsibilities.”

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An opportunity to “trade off” various DCIM scenarios with new calculator

We also invested in creating a new tool to go along with the paper to help quantify the return on investment (ROI) for DCIM monitoring software. The new TradeOff Tool, DCIM Monitoring Value Calculator for Distributed IT, supports the White Paper. Wendy Torell, who is on the Energy Management Research Center with Patrick, created the tool. She made sure the tool provides plenty of inputs for users to select and assumptions they can adjust to perform ‘what-if’ scenarios and consequently the ROI.  The tool considers numerous factors like downtime, staffing, security and environmental incidents, and cashflow.

“We wanted to create a useful framework to help customers quantify the potential value of DCIM in their operations and we are excited for them to try our tool,” she said. “We designed it to be user-friendly and it easily adapts to the customer’s specific environment and level of maturity.”

See what DCIM can do for you

We are continuing to invest in our vision for DCIM 3.0 and this new White Paper and TradeOff Tool are another example of our commitment to this market. My thanks go out to Patrick and Wendy for the great work on these resources.

About the Energy Management Research Center

Patrick, Wendy, and fellow members of the Energy Management Research Center conduct research that helps Schneider Electric and its customers make informed business and technology decisions backed by facts and research. Much of the research is made freely available to the public. I encourage you to check out the new White Paper and experiment with the DCIM TradeOff Tool. See what DCIM can do for you.

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