IDC Once Again Names Schneider Electric a Leader in DCIM Category

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It appears data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software is getting some much-deserved attention in the marketplace, and Schneider Electric in particular is getting its due for its StruxureWare for Data Centers DCIM solution.

The research firm IDC recently came out with its latest analysis of the DCIM market in a report titled, IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Datacenter Infrastructure Management 2013 Vendor Analysis (IDC #241280). For the second year in a row, IDC has identified Schneider Electric as a “Leader” worldwide for its StruxureWare for Data Centers suite.

Here’s IDC’s description of what its MarketScape methodology is all about:

The IDC MarketScape is a vendor assessment tool designed to compare vendors’ current capability and strategy relative to one another and to the factors that IDC believes will be most conducive to success in the DCIM market. This evaluation is based on a comprehensive framework and set of parameters that assess vendors relative to one another, and to those factors that will contribute to success in the DCIM market in the short and long term.

Given that description, to be named a leader among the 10 vendors IDC included in its study is indeed an honor. But it’s not exactly a surprise, because I’ve seen how Schneider Electric customers have consistently benefitted from the StruxureWare solution to solve their capacity problems over the past three years.

Perhaps just as fulfilling is to read the IDC commentary on data centers and DCIM, which jibe well with our own view. For example, in a press release announcing the report, IDC says:

The DCIM market is hitting its stride, with several providers realizing strong growth and adoption and others struggling to survive in a competitive market.

As a “leader” in the DCIM market, be assured that Schneider is in the “strong growth and adoption” camp.

IDC continues:

Datacenters are expanding to power the Third Platform, a new era of computing built on mobile devices and applications, cloud services, big data and analytics, and social technologies. Expansion into new geographies, improvements in disaster recovery, and expansion of workloads beyond current power and processing capabilities of current datacenters has challenged datacenter managers to find ways to manage resources and change.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing in the market, but helping companies manage resources and change is exactly what StruxureWare is all about, along with delivering on energy efficiency. IDC seems to agree:

As datacenters continue to evolve, managers must address a growing list of pain points. “Datacenter facilities and IT executives are dealing with delays in application rollouts, disrupted service to customers, unplanned spending for patches, an inability to roll out new products or services, and unplanned downtime,” said Richard Villars, Vice President for Datacenter and Cloud. “DCIM solutions can help manage these issues by providing consistent and complete information about datacenter infrastructure.”

I couldn’t agree more, and similarly agree with some additional findings laid out in the DCIM MarketScape report, including these:

  • DCIM addresses a number of needs in datacenter management — from change management and capacity planning to the efficient usage and allocation of resources.
  • More than product functionality and even price, exceptional customer service is a key deciding factor in many DCIM purchase decisions.
  • A good DCIM solution offers an open architecture that supports full upstream and downstream transmission of data.

With respect to Schneider Electric in particular, IDC says the company is one of the vendors most likely to be a major player in the DCIM market over the next several years. To quote from the report:

“A DCIM provider with a global footprint, long history in the industry, and strong financial backing is often preferred by DCIM purchase decision makers. Schneider Electric has these qualities and is already present in many of the world’s enterprises with its power solutions and global support services team.”

While accolades like that are certainly gratifying, rest assured we’re by no means resting on our laurels. Rather, we continue to develop and innovate our market-leading DCIM solution to help customers bridge the gap between Facilities and IT, and operate their data center as a business.

In fact, just this past April we came out with StruxureWare for Data Centers v2.0, which adds enhanced monitoring and management support for facility managers and additional power capping capabilities for further control of power consumption. It also offers increased visibility into business and data center key performance indicators (KPIs) with customizable views across the various company stakeholders.

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