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StruxureWare for Data Centers Campaign Highlights the Value of DCIM

As one of the senior marketing guys here at Schneider Electric, I’m more than a little interested in our various marketing campaigns, and we recently launched a big one around our StruxureWare data center infrastructure management (DCIM) software. The campaign is a big deal around here for a couple of reasons, so I thought I’d give you something of a behind the scenes look at the campaign and what we hope you’ll learn from it.

For one, it’s the first campaign we’ve launched that’s truly integrated across various constituencies within Schneider Electric, from marketing and sales enablement to Web content, sales training and our channel partners. This isn’t necessarily something customers should or need to be concerned about, but we think it’ll bring you benefits nonetheless because everyone within or connected to Schneider should be on the same page about our DCIM solutions.

Beyond that, I’m excited about the campaign because it so clearly lays out the value proposition behind DCIM and the various ways in which it can help organizations manage their data centers more effectively.

Let’s start with that value statement, which is:

StruxureWare for Data Centers, an integrated suite of DCIM applications, enable businesses to prosper by managing their data centers across multiple domains, providing actionable intelligence for an ideal balance of high availability and peak efficiency throughout the entire data center life cycle.

When you delve into some of the materials we provide as part of the campaign, you’ll learn how StruxureWare tools address the concerns of different constituencies and their particular view of the data center. For C-level executives who drive sustainability strategies, it helps them choose how best to meet their business and regulatory requirements while conserving enterprise resources. At the same time, our DCIM tools help operations folks optimize operations, energy and assets at one or many sites. And the folks responsible for controlling processes within the data center, whether on site or remotely, get the process and network performance data they need to ensure business continuity while keeping a keen eye on energy consumption.

You’ll also learn how StruxureWare was created by people who build data centers for a living, and how it helps you balance the demands of availability and efficiency through out the data center lifecycle.

Of course Schneider Electric isn’t the only company selling DCIM software but it sure makes my life as a marketing professional easier when I can explain why Schneider is uniquely positioned in the market. Consider:

  • We have more customers to learn from than any other provider
  • For 15 years we’ve had a dedicated team researching and studying the science of data centers
  • We have 40 years of experience solving customer challenges, and the technology to show for it
  • Our portfolio includes all the different components used in the data center, which we’ve been able to integrate in ways that add value
  • We are a global solutions provider

Keep an eye out for our StruxureWare for Data Centers campaign, and try to find the time to dive into some of the supporting white papers (like numbers 104, 107 and 170, for example).  You’ll be doing your data center – and your company – a big favor.

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