Schneider Electric Colocation Club to host webinar on future data center requirements for growth

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The pace of change in the IT industry has always been nothing short of amazing, but today it’s downright breathtaking. We’re creating data at a dizzying pace and, at some point, it all winds up in or passing through a data center.

Nobody has to tell colocation providers about this growth – they’re dealing with it first-hand building new data centers in an effort to seize the opportunity that this data growth presents. But they must carefully consider the best-fit data center designs to keep pace with this rapid change, and make effective use of new and emerging technologies.

Solutions and strategies to achieve colocation growth – now and into 2020

To address strategies colocation providers can take to capture this fast-paced growth, Schneider Electric’s International Colocation Club is hosting a webinar November 15, 2018, featuring Steve Wallage, Managing Director of BroadGroup Consulting. Steve has more than 25 years of experience in IT consulting, the last 12 focused on global data centers. He’ll discuss key elements to apply to data center infrastructure and operations to ensure future success, address drivers including cost, efficiency, and sustainability, and share the compute needs he’s seeing from customers.

Steve will offer tactics and strategies that colocation providers can implement to maintain a competitive advantage in the years ahead. At this webinar, attendees will learn about:

  • Changes colocation providers can make to adapt to the marketplace
  • Future requirements of hyperscale cloud players
  • Lessons learned from successful projects from around the world

Webinar: Expert insights for colocation providers and future data center growth

Join us November 15, 2018 for the webinar, Future Data Centers: What Colocation Providers Need to Implement for Continued Business Growth into 2020.

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