Talking Data Center Design Architecture with Digital Reality

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In the fourth of our “8 Megatrends” series, we sat down with Kevin Dalton, V.P Engineering, Digital Reality Trust, Inc. to discuss the future of data center architecture.

Digital Reality

Digital Realty provides a wide range of data center solutions via 140+ properties and 198 buildings in 32 global markets. Kevin believes the cloud is the biggest market changer and points out that data center architecture must keep up to support growing requirements.

“Recent research indicates that within the next five years, the cloud market will be valued at close to $1 trillion and enterprises will have 50% of their businesses in the cloud,” says Kevin. “The cloud is the biggest thing in the data center industry right and it will continue to drive the what’s next in data center design architecture.”

With such a dynamic market, data center providers must adapt to the changing demands. Digital Reality is doing this by adding capabilities. “Businesses are asking for more value propositions; they want one-stop shops to meet their data center architecture and colocation needs,” says Kevin. “Whereas we were once seen as only a wholesale provider dealing with large-scale enterprises, we have evolved to provide more interconnectivity and managed services.”

Along with the move to the cloud, come changes in risk profiles and requirements for greater flexibility and future proofing. Space and available utility power are typical limitations in any facility, so Digital Reality takes a phased approach to achieve design flexibility and overcome these obstacles to scale.

On top of all this demand, businesses are also trying to go green. According to Kevin, “Most have a corporate initiative so we help via energy credits and carbon reduction. Plus, all our facilities are designed to meet LEED requirements in the U.S.”

What else will affect data center architecture? Edge computing? Server design? Need for UPS’? Find out more from Kevin in this video.

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