Examining the At Scale Data Center Trend with RagingWire Data Centers

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In the third of our “8 Megatrends” series, we sat down with Doug Adams, President, RagingWire Data Centers, to examine “at scale” data centers and understand their role in supporting ever-increasing demand.

RagingWire Data Centers, an NTT Communications group company, designs, builds and operates mission critical data centers that deliver 100% availability and high-density power. The company currently has over 80MW of critical IT load spread across nearly one million square feet of data center infrastructure in Northern California and Ashburn, VA, with significant growth plans in both locations, Texas, and other North American locations.

Doug has been a part of the data center market for more than 15 years and believes it will look very different over the next five. “We’ll see a dominance of at scale wholesale data centers, with a movement towards at scale cloud providers and the verticalization and specialization of the smaller providers in between,” he says. “There will also be a secondary movement to the edge.”

He defines “at scale” as at least 15MW or more, a size needed to support cost effective IoT and big data deployments — two of the drivers changing the market according to Doug.

“Big data, derived in large from the IoT, is helping shape the way companies develop, improve and bring products to market and serve consumers and customers,” said Doug, “Ultimately, all that data resides in a data center where there must be enough power to process and analyze it.”

Hear more from Doug by watching this video interview.

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