China Unicom: Zero operational interruptions through 24/7 services support

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China has been at the forefront of many different industry technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), and they are now advancing with the development of cloud computing business. Telecommunication providers in China have a huge customer base with a strong broadband network infrastructure in place, and to top that, they have also built several internet data centers all over the country. This robust infrastructure combined with an expected 25% global market share by 2020, gives China a distinctive advantage in the telecommunication sector.

China Unicom, a world-leading telecom operator is actively facilitating the development of the cloud computing industry, with the construction of 12 super-scale cloud data centers throughout China. These hyperscale data centers will have an overall area of more than 2 million square meters with more than 320,000 racks.

The construction of these massive centers in Hohhot (Northern China) and Langfang (between Beijing and Tianjin) posed considerable challenges for China Unicom given their lack of experience in operating and managing data centers of such capacity. Owing to these challenges, China Unicom decided to outsource on-site critical power operation services to Schneider Electric whose service expertise ranges from utility entrance to rack power distribution units,  emergency generators, and direct-current power supply systems.

China Unicom’s cloud computing data bases are the new-generation ‘green’ data centers that provide a  high availability and high-end data center services to China Unicom’s strategic enterprises. As China Unicom grows their hyperscale cloud computing data business, Schneider Electric is with them every step to ensure operational reliability and efficiency at every level.


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