Pulse from 2017 Hewlett Packard Enterprise Discover Conference

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Let me get right to the punch line – it’s all about hybrid IT and the intelligent edge – enabled by the creation of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) services business now called Pointnext. The goal is to accelerate customer outcomes from the digital transformation many of them are going through. HPE aims to accelerate their customer’s digital transformation with their expertise in helping enterprises architect, deploy and optimize their technology environments and IT strategies. HPE expertise spans business and IT strategy, helping transform IT to deliver real-time services and drive business outcomes.


At Tuesday’s General Session, Hewlett Packard Enterprise President and Chief Executive Officer, Meg Whitman, talked about “a world where everything computes.” She talked about how the right mix of innovations from the core to the cloud to the edge combined with the right experience from service expertise, financial consumption models and partner ecosystems can accelerate the right outcomes for any enterprise as they travel down their hybrid IT journey.

The hybrid IT strategy is a combination of hyperconvergence, composable infrastructure and cloud. The HPE model promises to deliver apps faster, simplify IT and improve economics by combining the right mix of HPE SimpliVity, Synergy and cloud solutions (through their project Newstack).

On the intelligent edge, data is going to be increasingly captured and processed on the edge. Unique and differentiated customer experiences in real time will be the future in IT and industrial applications. HPE is predicting a big ramp-up or a new wave at the edge. Context aware applications will pop up everywhere – and I agree.  This is exactly why we have a relationship with HPE to go after this opportunity.

During my presentation that was very well attended and received, I discussed how to leverage IoT in data center architectures and on the network edge. Particularly, my presentation covered how to use the IoT to deliver innovation at every level, from connected products to edge control to applications and analytics. I also showed the EcoStruxure for data center IoT stack, including mobility, sensing, cloud storage and analytics, to deliver innovation in the form of reliability, efficiency and connectivity. Lastly, I shared how data center cloud architectures are evolving with data centers at the regional and local edge, and talked about how to maintain and enhance your systems’ availability.

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