DartPoints Offers New Option for Colocation at the Edge

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Location, location, location is not just a mantra for the real estate industry, it’s increasingly a consideration for data centers to help businesses meet the needs of a new on-demand economy. That’s why colocation provider DartPoints has taken its offering to the edge.

Traditionally, companies could either run their own private data centers or colocate in a larger facility. But now, security and disaster risks, regulation, budget and resource constraints have made running a private data center much more challenging. Plus, the need for higher processing power to not only keep core applications running and customers connected, but also drive better decisions through data, is more important than ever.

Companies cannot afford to tradeoff control, security, flexibility or cost efficiency, so they are moving to the edge, and edge infrastructure is the foundation of DartPoint’s colocation model, ensuring uptime and speed at a lower price.

Micro Data Center Solutions

Hugh Carspecken, CEO of DartPoints, explains, “We are location independent and bring data centers to our customers enabling them to deploy the capabilities they need today, with room to expand in the future. We alleviate the physical Networking cablesinfrastructure concerns around square footage, cooling costs and power consumption, while managing all the needs of IT.”

DartPoints leverages customized micro data center solutions powered by Schneider Electric technology to easily build to a business’s specific requirements without the compatibility issues that full customization requires, while streamlining design and construction for quick deployment, flexibility and scale.

Over the last two years, Dartpoints has successfully delivered fully redundant 100kW systems—either on-premise within a building or on-site at a campus of buildings in its 24/7 colocation offering. From SMBs to Fortune 500 organizations, customers utilizing this edge model have realized a total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction of 30–40 percent. That savings is expected to be even greater as time goes on, with an estimated three-year TCO savings of 35–45 percent.

Hugh says the resiliency and reliability of Schneider Electric products withstands the hardest of infrastructure challenges and makes it possible for DartPoints to maintain and even exceed its service standards and service level agreements.

Disrupting the colocation industry with an edge offering took vision, planning, testing and a trusted partnership. Read the DartPoints – Colocation Goes to the Edge case study to learn about DartPoints’ journey from proof-of-concept to expected expansion into five new U.S. markets and doubling in revenue and size in 2017.


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