Have Your Say: 2016 Data Center Predictions

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The power of Big Data and new capabilities for analysis — both enabled by the processing power of today’s data centers — are resulting in deeper insights and more intelligent decisions. And while we are not literally able to predict the future, part of our jobs as experts is to understand data center needs and challenges and get out ahead of them, so you can get ahead in your business.

Closer to being actual soothsayers, our industry analysts dedicate a significant amount of time to studying trends. Their deep examination of the current state helps establish a baseline from which we can all be measured and their assessments of what’s developing helps guide us in building next-generation platforms.

Then there are the data center professionals — those in the trenches, who are monitoring, wrenching and reporting. Because they know how it is, they can tell you how it should be.

So, to take an informed look at what’s ahead for data centers in 2016, we combined all of these sources in this interactive infographic. Schneider Electric experts give their takes on what trends and strategies will prevail. Industry analysts present results from their research. Then you have a chance to weigh in.

Let us know if you agree with the forecasts here and check back in a few weeks for the outcome.

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