A Day in the Life of a Data Center: How Modernization Services Can Save the Day

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Over time, your car starts to show signs of wear and tear, but you keep it humming with oil changes and tune-ups. A UPS system is no different.

A UPS is designed to be durable and dependable, but it requires proper care. Otherwise, an aging UPS can end up becoming the weak link in your IT infrastructure.

Ever wonder what your UPS goes through in a day? Let’s walk through three day-in-the-life scenarios of a data center process and see how you can maximize your UPS potential through modernization services.

Plus, check out each animated episode to get the UPS’ ‘point of view.’

Episode 1: “Say goodbye to my protonic compensator.”

During a typical day, your data center is hard at work: acquiring and sending data, balancing temperature fluctuations and scanning for radiation, smoke or other security issues. But an incoming power spike can throw it for a loop, as it crashes, buffers and freaks out.

When a power spike occurs, the data center talks to the primary UPS unit to find out what’s going on. But an aging UPS isn’t up to the task. Its laser core has collapsed, its protonic compensator is shot and it just can’t condition power like it used to — in fact, it’s pretty much resigned to being used for spare parts.

Episode 2: “I used to be someone.”

When the tech guy decides to test the ability of the data center to run on backup power, it means the data center is heading into the cold abyss of a total shutdown. And it’s up to the primary UPS unit to prevent that.

But that aging UPS has only two minutes of reserve power. It used to be a hero; now it’s ready to retire. And can you blame it? In UPS years, it’s 180 years old. It’s envious of a nine-volt battery in a toy train.

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Episode 3: “An easy hero”

As your data center works on daily tasks such as deleting data tracks and organizing information, it will also have to deal with the occasional power surge. But with modernization services, your UPS is reinvigorated — and your data center is safe.

Time will try to take its toll, but an upgrade will turn an aging UPS into the hero it needs to be. And it can modulate power like a boss and save the day.

If your UPS is 180 years old (in “UPS years”), it could well be outmatched should an outage occur. The UPS systems that last the longest and provide the best performance are the ones being properly managed and maintained.

Modernization services are designed to upgrade existing equipment to modern technology, helping to minimize downtime, improve reliability and extend the life of your equipment.

UPS Lifecycle in Depth

The day in the life episodes succinctly show what happens with just one simple process. “Single Phase UPS Management, Maintenance, and Lifecycle,” can help you answer questions like: “How long will my battery last? and “What is the best practice for maintaining my UPS?”

It digs into the key factors that influence battery and UPS life and provides recommendations to help you maximize the life and availability of your single phase UPS.

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