Why Digitization is the way forward in a digital-first world

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One of the most vital aspects of any business today is a transformative Customer Experience. Imagine a customer walking into a shop or a showroom to buy a product, many a time when he comes back home and recalls the whole experience, he may not remember the price or for that matter all the features of the products, but he will always remember the experience he may have had at the shop. Thus no matter how an organization prices or markets its products, it is always important to focus on the “customer experience” for successful business in the long term.
We live in a digital-first world where digitization and its effects are now reaching into every corner of our lives. We belong to “Generation connected” and it doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 85 years old, technology is reshaping our lives and how we do business. The emergence of a new generation of mobile handsets has opened up a new channel for communication through various applications.
I remember the days when my child was merely 4 years old, and was still learning to read and write his first alphabets, but he seemed very comfortable in swiping on the tablets and smart phones, easily reaching out to the videos and the games he liked, all on his own – without any help. This proves that with Digitization touching all aspects of our lives, we may hate it or love it, but we cannot ignore its existence. Even the so called lesser tech savvy people will find their way in the digitized world, that’s the reach and penetration of Digitization. Thus “Digital Customer Experience” is an inevitable aspect that we must all focus on.

We must remember that Digitization is not about how many devices one possesses, and what technology one works with, it is about how these technologies and devices put together are improving the efficiencies of our processes and resulting in providing a differentiated “digital” customer experience to our customers. My recent visit to one of our distributors propelled this thought further. They have an old relationship with our company. And, his second generation is slowly taking over the control of business. While the older generation may not want to experiment much with the new digitized world of tablets and apps, the younger generation is eager to experiment and try to do things differently.

In a world of instant gratification, organizations need to be able to answer and provide support 24×7. Digital services such as customer service apps provide continuous attention and help transform how we interact and engage with customers.
Clearly, organizations should be in tune with this trend of Digitization to simplify the businesses and improve their customer experience to sustain in this competitive world.

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  • Yes, I agree that all companies need to have a digital presence. But at the same time, it is important to always give good customer service/experience as mentioned in the beginning. Thanks for sharing this post!

  • Rakesh Bhagat

    9 years ago

    Yes Digitization is influencing all age groups in one way or other and very true that we may or may not like it but we can’t ignore it.

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