A High Speed Market Requires a Highly Adaptable Team

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In the IT world of today, and certainly the IT world of tomorrow, many enterprises will be seeking to understand the benefits and trade-offs of on-premise data centers.  In an evolving market landscape dominated by the Internet of Things, exponentially growing digitalization, and innovation, all surrounded by financial challenges, a whole industry has been shaped around data center and IT outsourcing from traditional enterprises to cloud, co-location, and managed hosting providers.


As we all know though, every evolving market, especially ones accelerating so quickly, bears its own unique business challenges.


In order to address the individual pain points cloud companies and multi-tenant data center owners and operators face, Schneider Electric introduced the Data Center Service Provider (DCSP) Team approximately 18 months ago.  This vertically based business unit focuses on helping service providers preserve capital, reduce total cost of ownership, manage operational risk, and accelerate speed-to-market. (Join us for a free simulcast to learn how service providers have leveraged our capabilities and solutions to drive down risk and cost.)


As a team dedicated to the entire lifecycle of the data center, the DCSP Team approach is unique in the industry, and challenges the current model by bringing together a strong portfolio of hardware, services, and software, with unique business programs to deliver the exact partnership one may need.  With an extensive library of resources and experiences backing us, our partnerships can provide a comprehensive range of component level to turnkey solutions.  This is the case with three of our current customers, Keystone NAP, LightEdge Solutions, and T5 Data Centers.  In all of these cases we have developed unique business partnerships to align with the individual goals of each service provider.


To learn more about how we served these three customers, join us on November 18th, 2014 for a free simulcast and panel discussion hosted by Data Center Dynamics.  During this 1-hour long simulcast you will be able to hear from your peers and thought leaders in the industry about trending topics within the cloud, colocation, and managed hosting space.  More importantly, we will be giving our clients the opportunity to demonstrate their own thought leadership, talk about what they’re seeing in the space, and of course share how the DCSP team has helped them with their unique business strategies.


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