CiscoLive! US 2012 Comes to an End

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CiscoLive! US came to a close Thursday, the first beautifully sunny day this week amidst milder temperatures. The ending keynote featured the overwhelmingly attendee demanded Mythbusters. The inspiring talk from Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman was the apex of Friday’s events.

This Monday, June 18th 2012, will be the 10 year anniversary of the show and Adam and Jamie had some great statements about what had made them successful over the past 10 years. If you have seen the show you know that Adam and Jamie have very different personalities but they have come to use that as an advantage to gain a “stereoscopic view” of problems, as Jamie describes it. Because of their larger view from difference in personalities they can surpass any roadblocks. Adam spoke about how there is no ego in letting go for the more elegant and right solution, there is respect for each other and their working process. Adam and Jamie describe themselves as learning animals and that there is no such thing as a partnership that does’t involve conflict, it is an integral part of the process. They stress non-linear learning as a way to hone the ability to asses situations that you are not familiar with. Jamie states that you need to find your own way to create your own methodology to solve problems.

The Mythbusteres were asked, if they were given unlimited funds and time, what myth would they want to tackle. Adam and Jamie would want to prove the moon landing happened but Jamie states that they would need to build their own rocket ship from recycled materials. Of course, in the true Mythbusters style, the presentation concluded with a spectacular demo reel of explosions.

We hope you had a great time at CiscoLive! US. Be sure to visit us again at the conference next year in Orlando. If you couldn’t make it this year or missed our booth, be sure to read all of our posts from CiscoLive US 2012. We will be posting video interviews, conference walkthroughs and more over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow @schneider_green, and Facebook for the latest updates. Leave us your thoughts and comments on this year’s CiscoLive! US!

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