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Is it HOT in here, or is it just ME? Building Management Software and Cisco House in London

In my last blog, I discussed my amazing experience at Cisco House in London and Schneider Electric’s small part in making it possible- our Building Management System and Energy Management Software.

The BMS and energy efficiency software not only monitors and controls the energy consumption of the various House subsystems, but it also tracks the temperature of key areas within the House.  All of this info is reported up through a special software platform that shows a real-time dashboard of key metrics within a building, or in this case, the Cisco House.

It’s been a month since my visit and nearly two months since the gear was installed, and Cisco is beginning to see the benefits of using the software to manage energy consumption in off hours while the House is unoccupied.  In case you haven’t seen the photos yet ( ) the temporary customer hosting facility perched atop a shopping center overlooking Olympic Park is an engineering feat to behold.  Yet, even with the greatest minds behind it, there have been a few “chances to improve the operational efficiency.” One of the first such events occurred last week as the London Summer heat wave got underway.  Attendees in the house began complaining that certain areas of the House were too warm, although each room was set at the same comfort level.  The House staff was able to quickly diagnose the problem by looking at the Energy Management Software which had been tracking temperature in key areas of the House since its installation.  The graph clearly showed hot spots in certain rooms during peak times during the day.  With this information in hand, House engineers were able to swiftly correct the problem and provide a world-class customer experience without the heat.

In the end, the Schneider Electric solution helped Cisco House engineers solve a real-world problem and the House experience now leaves nobody asking “Is it hot in here, or is it just me?”

Bring on the crowds for London 2012!

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