Continuing to Demystify PowerChute with New Free Trial and Complimentary eLearning

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I was hearing misconceptions about PowerChute™ Network Shutdown in the marketplace a few months ago, so I decided to bust the top 5 PowerChute myths in a blog that got a lot of attention.

In the blog, I aimed my metaphorical particle thrower at an array of spirits to set the record straight about an innovative technology that plays a key role in providing business continuity for our customers.

If you aren’t familiar with PowerChute, it essentially enables an unattended and graceful shutdown of your IT infrastructure during unexpected power events like extended outages. It adds to your system’s resiliency because it can initiate virtual machine migration and automate remote start-up to maximize uptime. And let’s face it, everyone’s IT infrastructure would benefit from more resiliency.

We listened to your PowerChute feedback

Since my blog was published, plenty of PowerChute customers and potential customers have reached out to us, and we appreciate the interest and feedback. In reply, we have listened to what they had to say.

Those who are interested in PowerChute but hadn’t yet signed up were looking for an opportunity to try it, a preview to see how it would integrate with their IT infrastructure.

Those who are already PowerChute believers told us they appreciate how it seamlessly integrates with their environments. They benefit from single, redundant, parallel, and advanced Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) configuration support. The thing they requested was more training to make it simple for employees – whether equipped with a lot of technical know-how or only a little – to access.

The good news is that we did not only listen. We took your feedback seriously and have taken action.

Introducing a 30-day, free trial

I am thrilled to announce that Schneider Electric has introduced a 30-day, free trial of PowerChute for virtualized and hyperconverged (HCI) environments with the new version 5.1 released in May of 2024. This trial allows users to fully configure and test the software capabilities in their own environments, ensuring that it works for them before they commit.

In my original blog, Myth #5 was that PowerChute was expensive, even though it typically costs less than 5% of the hyperconverged infrastructure cluster it is protecting. With this 30-day, free trial offer, we are removing the cost consideration and any risk so you can experience all the PowerChute features and benefits in your own setting. To simplify the deployment, all proven configuration settings are retained from the free trial when you convert to a licensed version.

Try the new elearning course

In addition, we are offering a new PowerChute Network Shutdown elearning course through EcoStruxure IT eLearning designed to make deploying, configuring, and troubleshooting even easier. In my original blog, Myth #3 was that PowerChute is complex to deploy, when, in reality, most deployments only take a half hour to an hour to complete. By offering a new, complimentary elearning course, Schneider Electric is continuing to bust that myth.

I encourage you to take advantage of the free trial and the new elearning course, which is available once you complete a simple request form, as we further our efforts to demystify PowerChute. Schneider Electric is providing the opportunity for you to make PowerChute part of your mission critical IT infrastructure, one that is rooted in resiliency.

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