EcoStruxure IT obtains IEC 62443 certification, demonstrating our commitment to infrastructure cybersecurity

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I am pleased to announce that Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure IT has earned IEC 62443 certification for its Network Management Card 3 platform, signifying that our team prioritizes security in the design, development, and support of our network connected IoT products.

Cybersecurity is of paramount importance to businesses and our Network Management Card firmware v3.0 has been independently certified to the highest cybersecurity standard (IEC 62443-4-2). The NMC is embedded software that connects power and cooling devices to the network, providing a sophisticated management application and an array of protocols for remote connectivity. Subscribing to the Secure NMC System can help reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches linked to outdated firmware, avoiding downtime and data corruption.


Our commitment to keeping mission critical IT safe and secure

It was about 18 months ago when I started talking about the growing need for infrastructure that was resilient, secure, and sustainable due to the nature of the sprawling hybrid IT environment. We call this trend DCIM 3.0 and it is why we modernized Schneider Electric’s software portfolio EcoStruxure IT.

The certification from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) affirms our commitment to keeping mission critical IT safe and secure by making cybersecurity validation easy for our customers. The certification provides a structured framework for assessing and enhancing the security of systems. Certification verifies vendor use and compliance to the framework and all of its defined requirements.

As Patrick Donovan, a Senior Research Analyst for the Energy Management Research Center at Schneider Electric, explains in his detailed blog on the certification, “IEC 62443 addresses not only the technology that comprises a physical infrastructure device or system, but it also comprehends the work processes, countermeasures, and even the employees themselves who are involved in the development. The series takes a comprehensive approach because not all risks are technology-based: e.g., the staff responsible for developing or operating infrastructure devices like a UPS or cooling unit must have the required training, knowledge, and skills to ensure security.”

In short, the IEC 62443 certification is not a one-time process but takes a significant investment of time, R&D effort, and money that is not trivial but we are willing to make. It involves not just products and solutions but all of our development processes and tools – it is quite a rigorous process. This is why vendors don’t obtain it. We have made our certification publicly available and you can access it here.

Our commitment to DCIM and cybersecurity

Obtaining the IEC 62443 certification was essential for the EcoStruxure IT team because we are committed to data center infrastructure management software and we offer the most comprehensive and sustainable solutions in the world. Read Patrick’s blog to learn more about the certification and visit the EcoStruxure IT web pages to find out how our investment and innovative approach to DCIM is leading the industry.

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